6 examples of what modern outdoor media is capable of

Published August 4, 2015
Last Updated July 5, 2018
Jask Creative

You are most likely aware that modern outdoor media, or as it is more commonly called nowadays, OOH/DOOH (Out of Home/Digital Out of Home), has been steadily evolving to keep up with the needs of today’s creative marketing world.

While the simple billboard campaign still lives on, and will continue to live on for quite some time, it is arguably becoming less effective when compared to what we can achieve with media rich and interactive DOOH sites.

We are now seeing more and more creative ways to engage and interact with outdoor media using a variety of techniques and technologies that are more readily available. All of this is designed to capture increased attention from those difficult to engage first and second views.

In this blog, we discuss some brands that are taking advantage of increasingly creative approaches and how they are integrating this media into other elements of their marketing campaigns.

OOH & DOOH – City wide wrapping – British Athletics/Sainsbury’s Summer Series

We’ll start with something that we did and arguably one of the best ways of getting noticed across outdoor media is to absolutely cover an area, usually a city (or cities), in a full scale ‘dressing’.

Modern Outdoor Media Capabilities British Athletics Example | Jask Creative

Our very own OOH and DOOH campaign for British Athletics and the Sainsbury’s Summer Series had two aims in mind. Firstly, the primary objective was to continue bringing awareness of athletics events to the public, and to position it as an attractive option from an entertainment point of view, encouraging engagement with the events and British Athletics as an organisation. The secondary objective was to generate direct sales of tickets.

With that in mind, the strategy was to dress the cities where the athletics events were being held over a two month period, using a mix of both OOH and DOOH to create awareness of the individual events and British Athletics as a brand.

In order to attract audiences from wider geographical zones, DOOH adverts with short lead times to the events were placed in busy commuter train stations such as London King’s Cross and also busy tourist areas like London Piccadilly Circus (see above video) to drive awareness across a range of target audiences.

DOOH – Thermal activated adverts – Diageo/Pimm’s

More readily available across a wide range of sites now are thermally activated adverts that will only display certain adverts if trigger temperatures are reached.

Earlier this year, Diageo took 12 digital thermal poster sites across Birmingham and London for ten days to promote the Pimm’s brand when temperatures hit 21°C.

While their large digital posters were used for increased brand awareness, Diageo carried on the campaign using smaller digital posters to activate the awareness created by showing directions to the nearest pubs and beer gardens where Pimms is available.

DOOH – Interactive adverts – Café Pele

Digital poster sites are now giving brands more creative ways to engage audiences, making them harder to ignore, as well as providing relevance and context.

One such example is the contagious yawning poster campaign by Café Pele of Brazil.

Using a busy commuter subway station, Café Pele installed motion sensors in the digital posters at the station and when commuters approached the poster it would start yawning, and thus start a chain reaction of contagious yawning.

In order to introduce the brand and product to commuters that are now yawning, representatives were on hand with nicely timed coffees, ready to combat the yawns and drive home a relevant message in a clever and innovative way that will be remembered.

Attention caught. Tick.

Engagement. Tick.

Positive brand awareness. Tick.

Job done. Tick.

OOH & DOOH – Full-scale location wrapping – Universal Studios/Jurassic World


Whilst OOH/DOOH adverts can easily be lost amongst the “noise”, and the fact that you need to see an advert a number of occasions to remember it, there can be no missing full scale location wraps.

Universal Studios demonstrated this with their wrap of Waterloo station to promote their blockbuster film Jurassic World this year (see video above).

From the moment you arrive at the station, you are immersed in a mixture of OOH and DOOH adverts, features, POS that engages your senses, so unless you walk through the station blindfolded with noise cancelling headphones on, you cannot miss the campaign.

The OOH and DOOH was mixed with experiential marketing such as park rangers and a press interview with palaeontologist Jack Horner to give lasting engagement with the film.

A full case study can be seen here by clicking here.

DOOH – Dynamic data driven digital adverts – Netflix GIF Campaign

Understanding that relevance is key to gaining the attention of your target audience, Netflix launched a DOOH campaign centred on promoting the range of content they have available through 6 sheet poster sites across London.

Serving up only relevant GIF adverts based on time of day, weather, environment and even news and live content (see video above for how it works), they ensured that passing footfall would notice their adverts for being in context to their state of mind and it contains a strong call to action.

To see the case study, click here.

DOOH – Synchronised Outdoor Digital Adverts – Lucozade


Cross media is becoming much easier to co-ordinate now with OOH and DOOH and the opportunity to make your message powerful, and more importantly, noticed is available.

One such brand to make use of cross media is Lucozade and their ‘Find your Flow’ campaign involving both radio and DOOH 48 sheet billboards from Primesight.

The premise is simple: using Primesight’s 48 sheet digital billboards, Lucozade’s Find your Flow adverts were synchronised to show whenever their radio advert was played, meaning you get a double hit of audio and visual whilst you drive around.

Simple, but effective creativity and referring to the general advertising rule of 7, you are more likely to get your advert noticed using techniques as shown in Lucozade’s campaign. See Primesight’s video case study above of how it works!


As you can see from the above examples, the role that outdoor media has with the end consumer is changing, evolving and advancing day by day.

Increasingly, outdoor media can be more than just awareness, and can increasingly incorporate meaningful engagement. As the Pimms advertising demonstrated also, it can also be possible now to activate sales from creative use of this media.

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