7 useful tools for marketing teams

Published January 5, 2017
Last Updated August 11, 2020
Jask Creative

As much as we’d like to think you all depend on us for all your creative marketing needs, we know that sometimes it is just quicker and more convenient to do it yourself.

However, we also know some of the troubles you might come up against that can slow you down or stop you in your tracks, such as imagery limitations, resolution uncertainties, not having the software or skills in-house to produce what you want.

So, to help you out, we’ve built a little list of handy tools that even we sometimes use to get things done and done well. All are free to use, some with additional bits you can pay for as well, and all are incredibly useful:

  1. AdJelly – Size Guidejelly

    Website: https://www.adjelly.com/size-guide

    Lost in a sea of ad size specifications? Don’t know your LinkedIn from your Twitter, Facebook from Google?

    AdJelly can help. They list all the sizes you need to know about and keep the site updated with all latest developments so your images are always supplied in the correct resolution.

    Handily, they also have PSD packs, so you can download and work straight from these Photoshop templates.

  2. Adobe Kuler – Color Rulekuler

    Website: https://color.adobe.com/

    Colours are one of the strongest elements to your marketing messages – it’s what grabs the audience attention and convey the emotions you want.

    Mix your colours wrongly and your messages won’t get the effect you want, and do it very wrongly and you’ll get colour clashes that are off-putting to look at. This is why Adobe created Kuler.

    Kuler helps you get the perfect colour scheme and combination, whatever the feeling or rule you want to go with. Start with a shade on the colour wheel and it shows you colours that are complementary to each other, their RGB make up and HEX codes. Go have a play!

  3. Canvacanvas

    Website: www.canva.com

    Canva is truly a very good one stop online shop for any graphics you want to create.

    Using a drag and drop interface, you can create social media graphics, infographics, blog graphics, presentations and more with Canva. Handily, they have also sized templates for you so you don’t have to go around hunting sizes.

    It has a wide range of free layouts, themes, elements and backgrounds you can play with (plus ones you can pay for) too, so your graphics can be highly customisable. If you want to upload your own photos, that’s doable as well.

  4. Pixlrpixlr

    Website: https://pixlr.com

    Adobe Photoshop isn’t cheap, as I’m sure you’ll know. Subscriptions can run into the hundreds or even thousands – a hefty sum if you’re not using it all that much.

    If you haven’t got a Photoshop package, Pixlr could be your salvation. A free online image editor, it offers you most of the basic editing tools that Photoshop offers, and enables you to fix, adjust and filter images on your browser.

  5. Preziprezi

    Website: https://prezi.com

    We’ve talked about Prezi before in one of our previous posts, and we still can’t get enough of it.

    The ability to use motion, zoom and spatial relationships to bring your presentations to life is a fantastic way to present, and it gives you much more creative control and ability over rivals like PowerPoint and KeyNote.

  6. Twitter Card Validator Toolcards

    Website: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator

    With Twitter being one of the most popular social media channels around currently, the last thing you want is your tweets with links to show up with dodgy Twitter Cards and no images, it just looks like poor web design from your end and reflects badly on you.

    To check if the website you’re linking to has been meta-tagged in the right way, just copy and paste the URL into Twitter’s Card Validator tool and it will show you if there are any errors and what your card will look like once posted. Particularly useful if you’re linking back to your own website…!

  7. Unsplashunsplash

    Website: http://unsplash.com

    Stock photos too cheesy? Just not found what you want on your subscription library? Don’t have a stock library subscription at all in fact? Then use Unsplash.

    Unsplash was created by Crew, and it is a vast collection of high-resolution images that are completely royalty free.

    Of course, the further the word spreads, the more those images are likely to get seen more and more…so hush hush…

So what did you think of our list? Do you have any to add? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us!

Of course, if you’d rather we took care of the job for you, feel free to get in touch by contacting us here.

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