Apps vs. Mobile Websites – 3 things to consider before your mobile marketing adventure begins

Published May 28, 2013
Last Updated February 12, 2019
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So you’ve decided to join the ranks and get yourself mobile. Good for you, no time like the present we say. It can all be a little daunting though, so where to go from here? If you don’t have an in house team, it may be time to start looking for software development companies in columbus ohio, or wherever it is that you are based to start making your vision a reality.

With the boom of smartphones and apps, it can be easy to get stuck down the path of saying “apps are good, apps are the way forward, apps are everything, my app will be bigger than Angry Birds”.

So off you go, hand in hand with your web developer (who thinks pay day has arrived, as if you didn’t know already, developing apps aren’t cheap), happy as can be, determined to set the world alight with your imagination, ready to push app boundaries like no other. You might even think about pushing your app out onto multiple stores and not just the two major ones (being iOS’s App Store and Google Play Store). For example, if you wanted to try and give your app more exposure then look to release your app to be downloadable more or less anywhere. Some phone users look to use third-party stores by using something such as this panda helper apk or similar.

You build your app, it’s brilliant, it’s wonderful, you’re dreaming of Ferraris, Lambos and you’ve made it. It’s so mind bending-ly brilliant that you think you’re cleverer than Stephen Hawkings (you dumb fools, nobody is cleverer than Stephen. Period).

Launch day arrives. Launch day ends. You’ve amassed zero downloads. Weeks pass by, still pitiful amounts of downloads. Dreams are shattered, bank balances are broken. Why, you may ask? Where, on the path to glory, did it all go horribly wrong?

My answer would be right from the very beginning, where the cliché saying applies: You couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

Target Audience

You see, the focus of your enterprise when garnering a digital presence should not solely be based on what is hot right now and jumping on the bandwagon just for the sake of it. Too much attention to apps, and for that matter, anything new and trendy will make you lose sight of your true purpose: creating and using the best platform for your end users to engage with your company.

Don’t get me wrong, apps are brilliant, but mobile sites (web apps) are equally as good, it is more about how you use them where it matters most. I won’t go into the long and short of how each differs, but DevBridge have outlined a few pros and cons to each here.

For me, when you come to getting a slice of this lucrative opportunity, it boils down following these 3 steps to make your investment worthwhile:

1. Consider your audience and what they’ll need you for.

This is a key point. Put yourself into the shoes of your target consumers/clients and ask yourself what they’d need from you if they were to try and access you on the go. Are they customers looking for further information or are they coming to you to make spur of the moment purchases? A mobile site will do fine for the former, but the app would offer better functionality, prettier graphics and ease of use to the retail customer.

2. How your digital presence interacts with the end user.

Not only is it necessary to consider your audience needs, but success is also derived on being able to anticipate what your customers want. Facebook does this in exemplary fashion, making maximum use of the smartphone capabilities to make their mobile experience worthwhile, engaging and perhaps even more accessible than visiting through a PC.

3. Consider yourselves.

Last but not least, consider yourselves. By this I mean consider what you do and what do you want to do (the industry you’re in, what goals your company has set etc.), how much you can afford (cost-wise) to do, what you can manage to do (updates).

There is little to no point in building an app that doesn’t tie in with what your other campaigns, your budget only allows for a half-hearted app that looks cheap and doesn’t work as it should and the information goes stale as updating it isn’t manageable.

To figure out if launching an app is the right move for your business, consider consulting with companies that offer Android App Development Services; the experts there should be able to understand your business needs, your client base, and so let you know of your app costs and viability.

Likewise, if you have a big budget (you lucky duck!), you have the capabilities to manage constant streams of information and updates and an app would work infinitely better for the purpose, then build an app! Common sense prevailing here!

Need some help?

In almost all cases there will be no “one size fits all” approach. Being aware of the 3 points above should stand you in good stead, but if you need some web design help and guidance we’re always on hand!

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