Best Adverts of 2016

Published November 10, 2016
Last Updated July 23, 2018
Jask Creative

But 2016 isn’t over yet? Is what some of you are probably thinking after reading the title of this post. However, bear with us, there is method in our madness.

See, we thought we’d post this blog before the flurry of Christmas themed adverts are launched this year, because inevitably everyone seems to forget about anything and everything that isn’t related to Christmas/Santa/snow/the John Lewis advert.

So, Christmas related adverts aside, here are some of Jask’s favourite adverts of 2016…

The Office Favourites...

  1. Virgin – #BeTheFastest

    Interesting, unique and engaging. Virgin team up with Usain Bolt ahead of the 2016 Olympics to create an unforgettable ad campaign.

    We liked the concept of this advert – using Usain Bolt’s record breaking 100m time to keep the adverts segments short, sweet and continuously engaging. The 9.58 second sequences do an effective job of keeping the message fresh whilst strengthening the synergy between Virgin Media and Bolt/Speed. A truly mesmerising advert from Virgin and Bolt.

    Bartle Bogle Hegarty, more commonly known as BBH London, are the agency with their stamp on this advert, as part of an integrated campaign in which they teamed up with ‘Arch Birds’ to produce a Jamaican dance track called #bethefastest. Be sure to check it out.

  2. Hyundai – Kevin Hart Car Finder (Superbowl advert)

    Taking one from the American advertising phenomenon – the Superbowl half time show. Hyundai partner up with the hilarious Kevin Hart and create an entertaining and memorable advert.

    This advert involves a hilarious short sketch based upon a first date and an overprotective Dad. The Dad (Kevin Hart) goes to all lengths to follow his daughter and her date, all whilst highlighting the Hyundai Genesis’ new ‘car finder’ feature.

    INNOCEAN, the agency who manage the global marketing communications of Hyundai, partnered alongside director Peter Berg to help Hyundai become the first automotive company to win USATODAY’S coveted ad meter.

  3. Volkswagen Tiguan – Cool. Calm. Connected.

    A fun take on the ‘school run’ which showcases Volkswagen’s new Tiguan model. Whilst this advert doesn’t have the likes of a Kevin Hart cameo it’s equally as funny as the Hyundai Superbowl advert. Cool, calm and connected is the intended message and that’s exactly what this advert delivers, albeit with a humorous twist.

    adam&eveDDB are the agency credited with this advert. The London-based agency are also behind the yearly anticipated John Lewis Christmas adverts. In case you missed it, here’s this year’s effort – Buster the Boxer.

Of course, we all have our own favourites too, so here are a few honourable mentions from the Jask team…



Chase Bank – Walking Baby Pig

Amy Goodwin Graphic Designer

Big fan of this advert – no explanation needed!

Nike – The Switch

Amy Goodwin Graphic Designer

I’m a fan of the Nike ‘The Switch’ story advert starring Cristiano Ronaldo leading up to the Euro 2016 competition.

The Nike football adverts are always very well shot and this latest one is exceptional, using a variety of football stars once again alongside CR7. I also liked the simple premise behind the story as it sticks to the general formula of Nike’s recent storytelling football adverts, where if you wear Nike you transform from amateur footballer to great footballer.

Enticing to watch, and if you love football then you’ll love all the flicks and tricks and passion shown. Winner winner for me!

IKEA – Welcome Home (Part of the Wonderful Everyday campaign)

Simon Lister Art Director

I quite like the new adverts IKEA are rolling out, hitting the emotive side of things with their Wonderful Everyday campaign.

The most recent one being the ‘Welcome Home’ advert.

IKEA use their lighting range for this one and we’re shown the story of a little boy who uses the lights to map out his mum’s journey home from work. The advert taps into our emotive side and shows lighting can change a mood or alter our surroundings, I also quite like the strapline “life’s better at the flick of a switch”. The soundtrack also helps warm up our fuzzy side by using the song Lighthouse by Patrick Watson.

The most important take-away from the adverts for me though is that really, when it comes down to it, the big things in life are really the little things…


Nike – Unlimited You
Tom Whitehouse Senior PR Account Executive

This advert was topical (in-line with Rio 2016), smart and funny. Nike pulled it out of the bag with the number of cameos in this ad after acquiring a deal to become this year’s Olympic suppliers. However, I think the narrator is what makes this advert great. His commentary throughout the 2 minutes is likeable and engaging. The advert is made even more dynamic when he breaks the fourth wall.

Also, have a look for the subtle product placements in each shot of the ad. I think it’s clever and effective without being too overbearing.

The only problem is, it will be difficult for Nike to top this one in future sporting events.

Apple – “Timer”

Matt Ansell Creative Director

Apple has changed its ad style away from being purely product led over the last few years and whilst this one is for an iPhone 6S, it is more about Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

Introducing Sesame Street’s hugely popular “Cookie Monster” using Siri to work through the baking process it neatly highlights the features without heavy signposting, and it also uses a funny character that generally crosses generations whilst avoiding using ‘celebrity of the moment’ that would be more divisive.

Mattessons – The Snackarchist

Matt Ansell Creative Director

Aside from a verbally challenging title, this is the simplest concept here. A nerdy protagonist goes against life’s little mundane rules whilst showing ‘street’ attitude to counter his geeky appearance.

Unlikely to win loads of awards but a daft minute telling you to avoid the normal snacks and have a bit of pulped chicken instead is ok by me. Jamie Oliver might not approve though!

Channel 4 – We’re the Superhumans (Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer)

Matt Ansell Creative Director

By far the longest video on this list, this advert acted as a follow up to Channel 4’s previous “Meet the Superhumans” campaign from 2012.

Acting as a celebratory piece, the 3-minute video centres on the positivity behind the abilities on show, featuring prominent and development para athletes with a disabled band providing the backing music. This, juxtaposed with disabled people doing extraordinary things in day to day life, gives the feeling of positivity throughout and the thought that anything is possible. If that inspires even one young disabled child to better things, then this ad triumphs for me.

British Heart Foundation – Heart disease is heartless

Matt Ansell Creative Director

Love/hate relationship with this one.

Every time we see it, it crushes us a little more. The central premise is a little boy’s last conversation with his Dad in the middle of a school lesson and the repercussions that follow. The advert seeks to show how this horrible disease can hurt those who deserve it least and clearly targets parents. Once seen, it is not easily forgotten. I’m off for a cry. Sob.

Has your favourite 2016 advert made our list or do any others stick out in mind for you?

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