Best Adverts of ‘Super Bowl LI’

Published February 9, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
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Sunday was host to the most coveted American annual event – the Super Bowl.

Why do we care? Well apart from the few American Football enthusiasts scattered around our office, the Super Bowl is one of the largest advertising events to exist worldwide. While most fans who make money from the Superbowl do so by placing bets with one of the top 10 sportsbooks found online, businesses will make their profits through sponsorship and advertising.

Adverts at the Super Bowl have become a cultural phenomenon and it could be argued they are almost as widely anticipated as the game itself. While people flock to sites like to place their bets before the big game, brands are known to spend a lot of money on the advertising spots available. This means you can see some incredible material during the game, both on and off the pitch.

It’s documented that a 30 second TV spot is currently selling for $5 million, which was also the case at Super Bowl 50 last year. Why so expensive? Simply put, the size of the audience.

Last year’s Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50, was the third most watched broadcast in U.S. television history, (with previous Super Bowls taking the spots above it). With only around 30 seconds to appeal to these huge audiences and diverse demographics, brands must be clever and unique in the way they present their advertising to ensure they leave a lasting impression.

So, is the money spent on these ads worth it? Have a look at our top rated 2017 entries and let us know what you think.

5) Kia – ‘Hero’s Journey’

An entertaining sketch with an important underlying message.

Melissa McCarthy plays the role of an eco-warrior on a mission to save the planet in this entry by primary ad agency for Kia, David & Goliath. Placed in various scenarios she strives to help the planet but ‘finds out the hard way that it’s not an easy task’. Being thrown against a boat by a whale, falling down an icy fissure and being picked up by the horn of a Rhino are all part of her perilous journey – (which we can’t help but laugh at).

Cue the ‘Kia Niro’, the smarter way to be an eco-warrior. The message is made clear, albeit in a light-hearted way.

What takes this campaign the extra mile is the ‘NiroBot’, a Facebook based chatbot that was introduced as a way for consumers to gain further information on the product. During the Superbowl, consumers that engaged with the NiroBot were given the chance to win props used within the advert. A smart integrated campaign by Kia.


4) Budweiser – ‘Born The Hard Way’

Avoiding any political denotations – this story driven ad from Budweiser is a hit.

Somewhat different to anything else on this list, Budweiser have taken a slightly different route from their previous heart-warming ‘lost puppy’ adverts. The gritty story of Adolphus Busch arriving to the US with an ambition of ‘brewing the king of beers’ gives the audience a new perspective on the brands heritage. The advert does well to portray the hardship that Adolphus must endure to live the American Dream.

To anyone who may have flicked the channel whilst this was airing, they could have easily mistaken it for a film. The setting and production on this advert are that good. It really adds to the storytelling and is therefore what truly makes this advert great.

Overcoming adversity, after starting with nothing, to create one of the most well-known brands in America is a truly inspiring story – all told within 60 seconds. Nice work Budweiser.


3) Honda – ‘Yearbooks’

Interactive celebrity yearbook photos – the new way to deliver an inspiring message.

Honda, teaming up with American agency RPA, have superbly put a creative spin on the yearbooks of some A-list celebrities. The old school photos of celebs such as Steve Carell, Tina Fey and Stan Lee deliver inspiring excerpts revolving around the proverb of ‘chasing your dreams’ – all within a powerful digital display.

It’s clear a lot of work has gone into the visuals for this advert and we can appreciate that here. The interactive photos are in-fact a combination of their original school photos and a 3D scan of the celebrity – with motion capture, as they performed their lines for the ad. Impressive. A memorable, creative entry from Honda.


2) Skittles – ‘Romance’

A fruity twist on Romeo and Juliet.

This advert shows an adolescent precariously throwing skittles to the bedroom window of his ‘Juliet’. However, he seems unaware that ‘Juliet’ and her family have opened the window and sit there waiting for the skittles to land into their mouths – in a conveyor belt fashion.

Skittles, with the help of ad agency Adam & EveDDB, transformed their TV advert into an integrated digital campaign, with this particular advert managing to record well over 5 million views on YouTube before the Super Bowl even aired.

We believe this fun, quick and inventive advert was well placed at Super Bowl, continuing to provide the entertainment factor amongst viewers. However, we aren’t sure what that ‘beaver’ is doing there at the end. Surely Skittles have missed a trick of adding an NFL star to that humorous conveyor belt?


Honourable Mentions:

Ford – ‘Go Further’

An ingeniously uplifting advert from Ford.


AirBnB – ‘We Accept’

A clear visual concept that effectively delivers a strong message about acceptance and harmony in turbulent times.


Avocados from Mexico – ‘#AvoSecrets’

Hilarious dialogue combined with an odd ‘secret society’ concept is a success for Avocados From Mexico.


1) Snickers – ‘Snickers presents: A Live Super Bowl Commercial’

A risky yet rewarding live advert from Snickers.

Snickers went one step further with their Super Bowl entry with the help of ad agency BBDO, producing a live half-time advert featuring Adam Driver (most known for his recent role as Kylo Ren in Star Wars), amid a wild west scene.

The live advert takes a turn for the worst (which some people may have thought was non-intentional) – adding to the engagement. The entire set of the advert quickly becomes a mess, with buildings collapsing, lighting rigs falling to the floor and other set equipment tumbling over amongst the scrambling townsfolk.

Whilst the concept is creative and comical, it’s the logistics that really makes this advert great. The timing was perfect. From the extras, to the collapsing set and the delivery of Adam Driver’s dialogue. Snickers have put forward a strong, visually engaging effort to the ever-growing live advertising phenomenon and other brands should take note.


Do you agree with our top-rated adverts for this year’s Super Bowl?

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