British Athletics Summer Series – From behind the scenes to on the scenes!

Published June 21, 2013
Last Updated July 27, 2021
Jask Creative

With the height of Summer fast approaching, it signals that time of the year where we start our annual campaign with British Athletics (formerly UKA) to promote their prestigious outdoor summer series events on the calendar.

Already established as well known dates on the athletics tour, this year the bar was set higher (sorry, I just love my puns) for having to follow up on the fantastic London 2012 Games and also leading up to the London Anniversary Games too.

Our theme this year centred around a dramatic build up, which we could carry across through on our web design flats where the tickets are bought, as well as the outdoor print media campaign which is used to dress Birmingham city and advertise the events (see the full case study here).

So we wanted drama! We wanted action! We wanted blood, sweat and tears and all the tension you could possibly get! Remember that moment when Usain Bolt lined up against Yohan Blake for the 100m showdown during London 2012? Well we wanted that, pretty much.

How would we do this, you must be wondering, without actually having to fly Bolt and Blake over personally for a photo shoot and physically recreating that exact scene, and blowing the whole budget out the water?

We say nothing is too big a challenge for us here…though perhaps having Bolt and Blake duel it out again on a one off special was a bit of a stretch too far in terms of budget. No bother though, up and coming Ennis’, Bolt’s and Farah’s were keen to stand in for the stars.

Have a look at us shooting them in, ahem, “action”!

British Athletics Summer Series Photoshoot | Jask Creative
British Athletics Summer Series Photoshoot | Jask Creative

Look out for them on a billboard near you! We’ve done some clever graphic design jiggery pokery since so our stars have turned out like this:

British Athletics Summer Series Telephone Booth Poster | Jask Creative

British Athletics Summer Series Marketing Outdoor Billboard | Jask Creative

We wish them all the best at the events! Go do us proud!

Let us know what you think of this campaign. You can tweet us, drop us a line on Facebook or contact us directly.