Gain detailed insight into your campaign activity.

Jask Creative introduces the Campaign URL Builder Tool.

Who is this tool for?

If you regularly run digital marketing campaigns that include:

  • social media campaigns (paid or organic),
  • email campaigns,
  • pay-per-click campaigns through various mediums or
  • any other campaigns that benefit from deeper insight in user behaviour,

below is a tool that will allow you to isolate the traffic generated by the targeted URL.

How exactly does it work?

In short, the way it works is that an Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is applied to your original URL.

Google uses this format to track your unique URL hence before you start, please ensure that your Webmaster has enabled Google Analytics on your site as the collected data will be displayed through it – along with all your regular metrics and dimensions, but with an extra layer of insight – enabling you to see, for example, what was the Behaviour Flow for the user that came to your site as a result of the campaign.

The best part? You can also use this to track your offline campaigns. Just create a vanity URL tagged with the UTM tag and gain detailed insight into user activity.

Our team of Digital Marketing and Web Specialists are here to advise you on the full implications that implementing detailed metrics strategy can have on your business as well as advise you on the strategy behind agile digital marketing campaigns. 

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  • The full page URL.
  • The planned traffic source for the campaign's URL.
    Example: bing, bulletin
  • Identify a medium such as email or blog.
    Example: banner, email, blog
  • Place your Campaign's name here. This is what your campaign will show up as within the Google Analytics interface.
    Example: marketing_campaign
  • This is used for paid search. Use Campaign Term to note the keywords or AdGroups for this ad.
    Example: geographical_terms
  • Use this field to differentiate the traffic received for the same URL. Most useful for A/B testing.
    Examples: can_attend or cannot_attend
  • Fill out all the required fields above and a URL will be automatically generated for you here.

    Share the generated campaign URL

    Use this URL in any promotional channels you want to be associated with this custom campaign

    Copy Shorten URL

  • This tool uses the Url Shortener API to create short links for long campaign URLs.

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