CreativeRead: April ’17 Edition

Published April 20, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
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CreativeRead – April’s creative marketing stories around the net

With so many creative marketing stories, blogs, articles and content flying around the internet every day, we know you might miss some. Heck, even we miss them, we can’t read it all…

So, to combat this, we’re noting down some of the best stories of the month right here in our new feature so you can look back and see the important stuff (or at least, what we think is the important stuff) that happened.

This month features the incredible Kendall Jenner PepsiCo controversy, Burger King trolling Google’s Google Home devices, Adidas making a horrendous email blunder, Google Earth getting a very snazzy upgrade, UK’s passports due to get a redesign and more.


  1. PepsiCo’s Kendall Jenner Advert

    First of all, if you haven’t seen the advert already:

    Widely bashed by advertising moguls and marketing chiefs far and wide, PepsiCo’s advert, which was created in-house, was controversial, described as myopic, and missed so many marks it was almost surreal.

    The basic synopsis is about how Kendall Jenner unites protesters marching about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and police on the other side using a can of Pepsi, which, of course is ridiculous.

    The best commentary we’ve read comes from Eric S. Thomas of Saga MTKG, go check it out.

  2. Burger King ‘OK Google!’ Ad vs Google Home Devices – Burger King wins

    Again, if you haven’t seen the ad, check below:

    A clever ploy by Burger King to use Google’s voice activated Google Home devices by including the words ‘OK Google’ into the audio.

    The audio was intended to activate the devices and then read out what ingredients go into the Burger King Whopper burgers. Genius.

    Hayley Peterson for Business Insider UK has a great article about how the whole story began, take give and have a read.

  3. Adidas – Boston Marathon Email Blunder

    Jask Creative Marketing Stories - Boston marathon Adidas email blunder

    Another marketing blunder, this time by Adidas.

    What must have started out with good sales intentions has caused controversy. Quite needless controversy too, had there been some quality control and perhaps common sense, as Adidas congratulate Boston marathon runners for ‘surviving’ the race.

    Obviously, a very sensitive event as it is following the 2013 Boston terror attack, and Adidas have really put their foot in it with this one. Not clever, and it forces them into issuing an apology for their mistake.

    Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith has the full story for The Independent.


  4. Google Earth gets a very pretty upgrade

    Google Earth Selfridges Screenshot Jask Creative Marketing Stories

    Google Earth redesigns its geographical information program to launch with World Earth Day, and we are very, VERY impressed.

    If you’ve used Google Earth before, you’ll know that whilst it was useful, it was limited. Landscapes were shown in a top-down 2D view, and imagery appeared as grainy blobs and squares.

    With the relaunch, there is now a 3D button allowing you to pan around city landscapes in 3D, making everything seem very Sims-like and like you’re a city architect. There are other clever features too, and Aimee McLaughlin for Design Week has got a full report here.

  5. UK Passports due for redesign

    UK Passport Redesign Jask Creative Marketing Stories

    UK passports are set to go under a redesign process following Brexit.

    The project will be worth £490 million altogether and the tendering process is already underway.

    The Home Office say that UK passports will undergo a redesign every five years now to prevent counterfeiting, and could signal a return to the dark blue passports used between 1921 to 1988.

    This story was found by us from Sarah Wood from Design Week’s article. What do you think of this? Crucially, does it mean passport holders need to get theirs renewed every five years and pay obscene amounts of money it? Let’s hope not…

  6. What colour should your logo be?

    Logo Colour Jask Creative Marketing Stories

    Karla Cook for HubSpot has written a great, simple post about how to pick the right colour for your logo, with a bit of help from 99designs’ quirky infographic flowchart.

    I don’t think we need to tell you but colour is very important to logo design, but to pick the right colour you need a bit of skill and audience understanding, which is what this blog post will help with.

    It also lists what colours mean and signify, great to help you understand why you get excited by red, or why you trust blue, for example.

  7. Google – AutoDraw

    We found about this from deMilked, and it’s a fantastic tool for designers to get icons for free. Yes, free!

    Google AutoDraw is a tool which will turn your scribbles into icons, instantly.

    It’s really as simple as that, but head to deMilked’s article for more info.

As a full service marketing agency in Birmingham, we’re always keeping our eyes peeled and ears open for creative marketing stories and developments so we can stay on top of our game.

Have we missed any April stories worthy of a mention? Let us know by tweeting us or finding us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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