CreativeEye: April ’17 Edition

Published April 21, 2017
Last Updated July 29, 2020
Jask Creative

Some of the best creative and marketing work spotted during April. Featuring Samsung, Fudge Urban, Birmingham’s Bab Mag and more…

  1. Samsung – Ostrich VR

    Racking up 20m+ views already at the time of writing, Samsung’s TV commercial showing off their VR technology using an ostrich as its star is a true hit that is funny, endearing and memorable.

    Perhaps the most inspired choice was the use of the ostrich itself. With its ungainly proportions giving it a naturally funny look, watching this bird first smash into the ground but then eventually take off thanks to the VR really does make you root for it, as strange as that sounds.

    A good choice of music too – Elton John’s Rocket Man provides a great crescendo to the climax of the advert.

  2. Birmingham’s BabMag

    As a creative round-up, why not celebrate a local magazine that also does the same thing and focuses on creativity, artistry and cultural work. Birmingham’s BabMag is into its fifth edition with the Spring 2017 issue since starting up just last year, and in its own words it has seen “the team grow from a few, to a melting pot full of writers, photographers, illustrators and designers”.

    Great photography and creative is what makes the magazine really work – use of double page spreads and rammed with full flood imagery, it really invites you in to explore more about Birmingham, which of course is what we want!

  3. Fudge Urban – Packaging Design


    Packaging really matters in the FMCG market, and Fudge Urban have got it spot on with theirs for their men’s hair wax range. Pictured above is the Matte Wax version spotted during a trip out to Boots by yours truly.

    First of all, it stands out on the shelves just for being a differently shaped container to the rest of the circular tubs and tubes that seem to be the go-to mould now for hair styling products. Made of presumably aluminium, the chunky tin feels like something you’d use whilst camping, appealing on the rugged and masculine side.

    Add to that the bold striking colourways and embossed lettering, Fudge Urban have created a product which catches the eye and made me want to buy it just on the packaging alone (I never did in the end, not enough hair…but still…!).

  4. Empire – Alien: Covenant Exclusive Subscriber Front Cover

    Another movie-related creative from our film and TV buff James Davison, who gets subscriber copies of Empire Magazine with exclusive cover designs.

    “I really like this design for the subscriber issue to Empire this month and also the print has got a really interesting feel to it with raised sections and a matt finish.  As soon as I opened the magazine out of its plastic wrapper and it was in my hand I was like “ooooooh”.

    “The look and feel really work well together to create an interesting and tactile cover.” James D.

  5. Cassius – Go Up ft Cat Power & Pharrell Williams – Music Video

    Picked out by our Creative Director Matt Ansell, who of course is always on the lookout for innovative creative, and is very much into his music. This is a music video that is extraordinary in its editing of stock footage to create a visually absorbing, and in some parts NSFW, music video.

    “The video splits the screen horizontally and cuts together a huge amount of stock footage to create interesting scenarios.

    “Some work, some don’t but I have to admire using generic, stock video and making something interesting and distinctive.” Matt A.

  6. Samsung – S8/S8+ OOH (Out of Home) Campaign

    A favourite from our Account Executive Tom Whitehouse, who is very much into how social media is developing the way we are marketing. He picks out Samsung’s OOH launch campaign for the S8 and S8+.

    “I think the Samsung Ostrich picked by Ricco is really clever.

    “Another Samsung campaign that caught my eye recently was Samsung’s OOH launch campaign for the S8 and S8+, featuring gigantic builds of their flagship mobiles to showcase the Infinity Display feature using iconic British views.

    “It’s an innovative OOH campaign that’s likely to create some buzz on social media and it really shows how much Samsung are upping their game to build up a head of steam following the disastrous debacle of the Note 7.” Tom W.

As a full service marketing agency in Birmingham, we love to review everything that’s going on in the creative world. What did you think about our choices? Have we missed any great adverts or creative work of late?

If we have then tweet us with your suggestions! Or you can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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