CreativeEye: February Edition 2019

Published February 22, 2019
Last Updated January 6, 2020
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What? It’s almost March already? Where does the time go?!

A lot of us are probably feeling the same right about now. It was Christmas, then we blinked, and suddenly we’re well into the first quarter of 2019. While time has been busy running away from us all, we’ve seen some real game-changers in the world of marketing.

For some, Valentine’s Day wasn’t all candles, romantic music and fine-dining like what you might see in Hollywood movies. This edition of CreativeEye includes the latest campaign from domestic violence charity Refuge, which reminds us that the signs of abuse aren’t always as clear as they appear on the surface.

We’ve also featured the latest advert from Paddy Power. In keeping with its recent mischievous tendencies, the bookmaker company has unveiled Ryan Giggs’ brother Rhodri as the face of its latest loyalty campaign. If there’s one way to monetise a sibling feud and national tabloid scandal…

You can also delve into the mind of English filmmaker Jonathan Glazer in Apple’s latest digiwatch ad, and find out how some of the most influential YouTubers are getting involved in YoungMinds’ latest multi-platform campaign. Check it all out below!

  1. Refuge: Reversible Poems

    Reversible Valentine's Poem

    Spotted by: Kelly Scanlon

    You may have seen the reversible poems Refuge released over Christmas. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the hidden, insidious nature of domestic violence. This time around, the charity has released another, which is equally as chilling as its predecessors.

    The poems depict a seemingly light and harmless story when read one way, then a darker, more chilling story when read backwards. This provides for a hard-hitting social commentary on the nature of physical abuse: sometimes it’s not easy to recognise the tell-tale signs of abuse.

    What a great example of some brilliantly compelling and ingenious copywriting.

  2. Paddy Power: Loyalty is Dead

    Spotted by: Nathan Edmonds

    When Ryan and Rhodri Giggs had a family feud over seven years ago, they probably didn’t imagine one of them creating marketing’s version of a ‘diss track’ some years down the line.

    So, when Paddy Power launched its latest advert addressing the issue head-on, you can understand why most reactions start with: “What does Ryan think of this?”.

    The advert derives its humour from its savagery, showing Rhodri delivering witty one-liners evidently aimed at the brothers’ dispute whilst cleverly remaining in the context of the subject being advertised.

    Sprinkle the tagline ‘Loyalty is Dead’ over the top, and you’ve got yourself marketing at its cheekiest.

  3. Amazon Alexa at the Super Bowl

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Last month marked the Super Bowl LIII. The event has become somewhat of a marketing showreel, and has seen the rise of some of the most brilliantly creative campaigns over the years.

    Whilst there have been some great ones this year, we’ve cherry-picked one that’s stood out the most to us. Here, we have another example of a brand who can poke fun at itself. In this 90-second advert, Amazon demonstrates all the weird and wonderful ways the Amazon Alexa can go wrong in a bid to poke fun at consumers’ expectations.

  4. Ikea: Giant Bath Toys

    Giant Ikea Bath Toy

    Spotted by: Tillie Warder

    Mother London has been the creator of some of the most well-thought-out, creative marketing campaigns over the years. One of the most famous ones that’s still fresh in our minds is the crisis management campaign it launched following KFC’s lack of chicken debacle.

    One of its latest stunts comes as part of Ikea’s new store launch in Greenwich. To showcase the new opening, Ikea has launched a giant version of one of its bath toys. This is also doubling-up as a stunt that aligns with Ikea’s new sustainability initiative, with two of the toys serving to collect plastic pollution in London’s waterways. And that’s still not it…

    The rubbish haul will then be made into a sculpture for the new Greenwich shop, which Ikea says will be their most sustainable UK store yet. Ikea is certainly setting the bar high when it comes to going greener!

  5. YoungMinds: #TellOfsted

    Spotted by: Kelly Scanlon

    Young people’s mental health charity YoungMinds has launched a new short film which urges Ofsted to reexamine its priorities when it comes to mental health and wellbeing in schools.

    The film’s purpose is to encourage people to ‘tell’ Ofsted what they think makes a school ‘outstanding’. One of the charity’s ambassadors, YouTuber Daniel Howell, alongside a number of other online influencers are also promoting the film and what it stands for, particularly on Twitter.

    Using influencers such as these helps to traject the campaign in front of relevant audiences. After-all, if public figures can use their mass following to encourage better change, who’s to argue?

  6. Comic Relief and Red Nose Day: Rebrand

    New Comic Relief and Red Nose Day Logos

    Spotted by: Simon Lister

    After 31 years, Comic Relief and Red Nose Day have taken the plunge and decided to rebrand!

    Creative London agency Whistlejacket has designed the rebrand, which also includes animated versions to be used for broadcast and digital uses. Whistlejacket has said that one of the main aims of the rebrand, as well as to re-energise the brand, is to clear up any “confusion” about the charity and its fundraising event. As many people “believe that Red Nose Day is the charity”, the new logos will supposedly help to clarify the distinction.

    Better late than never, we suppose!

  7. BRYT Festival

    Spotted by: Daisy Roberts

    This one’s a bit of a wild-card, but we thought it needed to be included. The Brit Awards aired this week, and one thing that gained a few laughs from us was its intro sequence.

    The sequence played on many attributes that made Fyre Festival – also known as The Greatest Party That Never Happened – so controversial and widely talked about. You may have seen the documentary ‘Fyre’ on Netflix – if not, drop everything and see it right away!

    One of the hosts of this years’ Brits, Jack Whitehall, features in the spoof video, appearing in various humorous positions and shots to emulate the same nonsensical excitement and ‘buzz’ that surrounded the Fyre Festival.

And that marks the end of the February edition of CreativeEye. Which campaign is your favourite? Perhaps you’ve spotted one not on this list? We want to hear your thoughts!

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