CreativeEye: July ’17 Edition

Published July 17, 2017
Last Updated August 29, 2019
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CreativeEye: July ’17 edition, highlighting some of the best creative marketing efforts we have seen this month!

As a creative marketing agency, we’re always on the lookout for the most innovative, unorthodox and inspired creative marketing projects around. Our CreativeEye feature is a round-up of this month’s best, spotted by our team!

July 17’ features a Game of Thrones themed KFC advert, some brilliantly crafted print advertising from Lego and a technological masterpiece by Wimbledon.

  1. KFC – Lunchtime is coming…

    Spotted by: Kristen Voisey

    Starting off with a bit of a fun one (unless you’re still emotionally sore) is this ad from KFC starring Hodor, the big friendly giant from hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

    The 60 second spot plays on an iconic moment from the TV series and includes a lunchtime rush, a hungry horde and the one man that can hold them back! Unfortunately, poor Hodor is still stuck in a vocabulary loop, spouting “Chicken and Fries” through the entirety of the advert until he transitions to “Chicken and Rice” (promoting KFC’s new Ricebox).

    With the new Game of Thrones series just around the corner at the time of release, this ad has been timed perfectly – jumping on the anticipation of fans all whilst having a bit of fun, well done KFC.

  2. Lego – Build The Future


    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Surprisingly not spotted by our resident Lego enthusiast – James Davison is this brilliantly executed series of print adverts.

    The ‘Build the Future’ campaign has clearly been carefully crafted, building upwards from a simple concept based around the Lego career sets. The visual execution is perfect, from all three Lego structures themselves right down to the lighting. Notice that Lego have used a style reminiscent of past campaigns, applying simple, yet artful content placed on top of bold coloured backgrounds – a formula that continues to work for them.

    Apparently, the agency behind the campaign is planning to go one step further by now building the three characters as actual Lego structures in an attempt to extend the campaign! I can already hear James pre-ordering one…

  3. Wimbledon – Under The Skin

    Spotted by: Stuart Jordan

    Looking for something a bit different? Have a quick look at this data driven video from Wimbledon that was spotted by our Managing Director, Stuart Jordan.

    This particular entry is part of a larger campaign that Wimbledon ran this year which aimed to focus on what makes the tournament itself so unique. It’s hard to argue that Wimbledon haven’t achieved their aim as this ‘Under The Skin’ video is certainly unique!

    The mesmerising ghost-like figure that is seen playing tennis was bought to life through the use of fluid motion capture and was designed to give audiences a sense of density and complexity of the data that’s collected at Wimbledon.

    Ace work from Wimbledon!

  4. Adidas – Here To Create


    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Next up we have a digital video campaign by Adidas featuring some of the world’s elite footballers alongside some crazy visual effects.

    In an attempt to attract a millennial audience Adidas have launched this digital first campaign which uses impressive illustration to visually express creativity in football. The video certainly achieves its goal, creating a clear contrast between boring, uninteresting football and vibrant creativity stemming from the likes of superstars such as Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Paul Pogba.

    With exciting animation and big footballing names alike Adidas should have no problem appealing to their audience with this entry.

  5. Uber – Warehouse vs Uber

    Spotted By: Tom Whitehouse

    Uber’s new employment adverts mean they get another mention this month, after featuring in our CreativeRead: June 2017.

    This new employment campaign looks to target new potential drivers with the notion that Uber employees can work, or choose not to, at the touch of a button. Uber have done this imaginatively with the use of humour across a series of 30 second videos.

    Our particular favourite? The Warehouse vs Uber video which follows a rather unhappy looking forklift driver partaking in his repetitious forklifting duties. The ad takes a turn when the warehouse door seemingly opens to endless Uber possibilities – only to shut in his face after he fails to make it out! More clever work from Uber.

Do you agree with our choices for July? Or did we miss one of the favourites you’ve spotted this month?

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