CreativeEye: March ’17 Edition

Published March 30, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
Jask Creative

Welcome to our feature CreativeEye. Just a quick, fun review of creative marketing work that caught our eye in March.

  1. Britain Runs on Rail – TV Advert

    Britain Runs on Rail launched their first ever TV advert and it is a cracker in terms of its clever post-production, editing and planning.

    While the overall technology used to produce this video is not new as such (we believe it is a combination of green screen and layering multiple takes), it is the way it is put together, and the effect it makes, that impresses us most.

    The skateboard flipping part is particularly good, and it makes us want to watch further, which is hard to achieve in today’s attention-deficit world.

    Top marks from us!

  2. Moneysupermarket – Skeletor Advert

    Following on from their ‘Epic’ adverts, MoneySuperMarket have created yet another hilarious spin off featuring a ludicrous dancing Skeletor and He-man.

    Cleverly targeting by age of audience who’d know the characters, just the sheer thought of Skeletor grinding and busting out moves is enough to put us in hysterics. Backed to the upbeat feel-good tune of Fame’s I’m Gonna Live Forever, whoever came up with this sketch is a pure genius.

    Strong work!

  3. Yorkshire Tea – Where Everything’s Done Proper

    Another funny sketch featuring a whole host of well-known Yorkshire celebrities, including The Kaiser Chiefs, Michael Parkinson and The Brownlee Brothers, Yorkshire Tea’s ‘Where everything’s done proper’ campaign done with their agency Lucky Generals is an absolute belter that is quite different to everything else in the current tea advertising industry.

    The Kaiser Chiefs version is the one that cracks us up the most – thinking about Kaiser Chiefs stationed permanently playing hold music over and over again just makes us laugh. Funny, memorable, different, what more do you need?

    For other versions of the campaign’s adverts visit Yorkshire Tea’s YouTube channel.

  4. Film Posters – Various

    From left to right: A Mondo Print of Sadness from Disney’s Inside Out, by Phantom City Creative, My Neighbor Totoro by Olly Moss, The Transfiguration by Transfiguration Productions LLC.

    A few personal favourites from our Account Manager and in-house film buff James Davison.

    “They’re not just images of the main cast with bold writing on, they’re artfully design, clever and remind me of the early days of cinema posters like Hitchcock and Kubrick.

    “They’re the kind of thing you’d happily put up on your wall, whereas I wouldn’t put a big Avengers photo poster up. As much as I love those characters, I like something with subtly, something considered that reflects the movie, but in a classier way. Olly Moss is great at doing this with the use of negative space to create a real visual identity to his designs.” James D.

As a full service marketing agency in Birmingham, we love to review everything that’s going on in the creative world. What did you think about our choices? Have we missed any great adverts or creative work launched in March?

If we have then tweet us with your suggestions!  Or you can drop us a line on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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