CreativeEye – May ’17 Edition

Published May 23, 2017
Last Updated January 6, 2020
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CreativeEye: May 2017’s best creative marketing design efforts

CreativeEye is our monthly feature where we highlight some of the best creative work we’ve spotted this month.

Have a look at what May has presented to us so far, featuring work from Krispy Kreme, HP/Heineken and an architectural book made from concrete itself.

  1. HP Indigo/Heineken –

    With just under 600 views on YouTube at the time of writing, these one-of-a-kind Heineken beer bottles are a brilliant piece of collaborative work that seem to have gone under the radar this month.

    Emily Forgot, a graphic artist was given a brief, by packaging designer Silas Amos, to produce 2000 unique editions of a Heineken bottle showcasing HP print technology – HP Indigo. The result, a couple thousand visually stunning beer bottles.

    The project began by producing a set of unique numerals to be placed on the numbered bottles. The graphic artist then created a master illustration to be print transformed onto the bottles, which was then run through HP software to ensure no two bottles shared the same slice of artwork.

    A truly imaginative piece of design – which is now set to be used on more than just the original 2000 beer bottles.

  2. Krispy Kreme – Slot Machine

    An unusual entry, spotted by Ricco, our PR and Media Relations expert, was a Krispy Kreme Vegas style slot machine that found itself sitting in New St. Station on the 10th May.

    Celebrating the launch of its partnership with Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme the doughnut pioneer, Krispy Kreme, is taking the slot machine around the country. Set to be visiting shopping centres and train stations near you – be sure to keep an eye out.

    “I’m always on the lookout for interesting creative work in the Birmingham area, so I was excited to find that a giant Krispy Kreme slot machine turned up at New St. Station.”

    “Offering the chance to win a range of prizes for passers-by, including a Krispy Kreme ‘Gold Card’ (a year’s supply of doughnuts) I think it’s a clever OOH campaign, which surely got a lot of people talking. I’m just disappointed I never got down there myself.” Ricco L.

  3. Bandito Design Co. – Hero of Time Vinyl

    Creative Marketing Design Jask Creative

    Picked out by our Account Manager James Davison is this colourful Zelda themed vinyl. This Hero of Time vinyl contains music from the Nintendo game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    Ocarina of Time is recognised by gamers as an immersive experience, with beautiful visuals, gameplay and of course, the music. It’s clear to see that the vinyl aims to follow in the footsteps of the game.

    “I pre-ordered this vinyl, which I think looks beautiful, I can’t wait to get my hands on it”. James D.

  4. Chicago White Sox – Season Tickets

    Creative Marketing Design Jask Creative

    Our creative director – Matt, pointed out the recent season ticket designs from the Chicago White Sox baseball team.

    The design team behind the White Sox began the project by looking through years of team history, with a focus on their old programs and tickets and pairing them with hall of famers, players with retired numbers and current fan favourites.

    81 unique season ticket designs were the brainchild of their history lesson, which has led to this work being described as one of the most art-driven, creative ticket packages ever to be seen in Major League Baseball.

    “Some really great work on the White Sox season ticket designs, surely making themselves stand out from the crowd”. Matt A

  5. Lidl Moments Magazine – Direct Mail

    Creative Marketing Design Jask Creative

    Next up, a piece of print work from Lidl that was picked up by Ricco.

    We’ve all seen those magazines that supermarkets flout at the tills, right? Usually they’re nothing special – A4 or A5 in size with a glossy cover, nothing too imaginative. A cheap piece of content for your customers.

    “Lidl are upping the game on this area of their marketing. Check out their ‘Lidl Moments’ magazine, which I surprisingly received through the post as junk mail.

    Using a foil blocking finish and a soft touch lamination and square format, it is certainly very different to the magazines you’d get from the giants of Asda, Sainsbury’s or Tesco. Of course, just the act of having survived the junk mail throwaway says what you need to know about this commendable direct mail effort.

    The artwork and style feels much more upmarket too, and it’s great to see Lidl’s transformation of appearing more premium and re-positioning their brand.” Ricco L.

  6. London Buses – Colour Coding

    A pick from our creative designer, Simon, is the new colour coding system which is being trialled on London buses.

    The trial, taking place in East London sees London buses set to get a colourful makeover. Based on a ‘Tube style’ approach, the buses are being given their own, easy to identify, colours based on their bus route.

    If successful, the design concept could be announced across the capital in the future.

    “I like the idea of colour coding for London buses – it will give them a much-needed revamp. It also makes sense to move towards a system like they use on the London Underground, as it will make for easier navigation. I’m surprised it’s not already been done”. Simon L

  7. Gabor Kasza – Concrete Photobook

    The final entry, another spot by our Creative Director – Matt, is a book about concrete architecture – made from concrete. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Photographer, Gabor Kasza, documents the rawness of unfinished concrete buildings which he wanted to turn into a book, ‘with readers able to judge it by its cover’. This authentic concrete cut book was the result.

    A unique piece of print work – we will be keeping our eyes out for Gabors next piece of work.

As a creative marketing agency based in Birmingham we love to review creativity that’s happening locally and around the world.

Do you agree with our choices for May? Have we missed any of your favourites this month? If so, be sure to tweet us with your suggestions, or you can find us on Facebook or contact us directly. 

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