CreativeEye – September ’17 Edition

Published September 15, 2017
Last Updated October 29, 2019
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CreativeEye: September ‘17 Edition. A roundup of the best creative marketing pieces September has had to offer us!

September is a bit of a gloomy month for some. School is back, festival season is pretty much over, and the nice weather seems to have retreated behind the clouds…

Not to worry though! We’re here to cheer things up a bit with some of the best creative marketing stories that this month has had to offer.

Our picks include a world memory champion challenge with IKEA, Marmite’s ground-breaking scientific gene study, and some of the most innovative OOH (Out Of Home) campaigns to date!

Have a read!

  1. Coca Cola Refreshes Times Square Sign

    Spotted by: Luke Turner

    Probably one of the coolest creative marketing campaigns to ever feature on CreativeEye is this from Coca Cola, the world’s first 3D robotic billboard!

    Almost 100 years since the release of their first ever Times Square billboard Coca Cola have released this six-story technological triumph, creating a multi-sensory experience for the projected 300,000 people that pass through Times Square each day.

    The billboard contains an impressive 1,760 independently moving LED screens that are programmed to move based on its video content, creating an awe-inspiring visual display. The reveal of the screen was accompanied by a pop-up interactive seating area with brand ambassadors handing out the variety of Coca Cola drinks to thirsty onlookers. 

    You’re looking at the future of billboards!

  2. IKEA – The IKEA Human Catalogue Test

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Next up, a fun concept from IKEA Singapore for the launch of their 2018 IKEA product catalogue. The integrated campaign involves Yanjaa Wintersoul, two time world memory champion, and IKEA’s new 328 page catalogue (can you see where this is going?).

    In the teaser video above, various IKEA employees are shown throwing memory based questions towards Yanjaa to which she amazes them all by recalling certain visuals that appear on random pages in the catalogue.

    Feeling cynical? Well IKEA Singapore and Yanjaa held a Facebook live challenge on the 6th September where members of the public were invited to challenge the memory champion in a live setting. Anyone who did manage to stump Yanjaa were given the chance to win IKEA gift cards.

    A memorable campaign to say the least.

  3. Jet Blue – Office Souvenirs

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    How do you advertise a holiday? Snapshots of beautiful beaches, classic cultural encounters or happy families in a pool? Same old, same old, say Jet Blue, who have used an ingeniously original idea to promote their ‘Jet Blue Vacations’.

    The American based airline have released a series of office souvenirs for the office folk that don’t get to return home with souvenirs from their travels.

    The range includes items such as mugs, plates and clothing. Our favourite item? The office scented candle range featuring captivating smells such as ‘Clean Whiteboard and ‘Human Resources’. The products were promoted via social media channels such as Instagram and Reddit along with a pop up store that was open for a day in Manhattan, New York.

    Whilst the office souvenirs may be slightly dull, the creative marketing and originality of this Jet Blue campaign is truly inspired!

  4. IT Movie – It is closer than you think

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Now for an eerily good guerrilla campaign promoting the launch of the hit horror movie ‘IT’.

    The film, having launched on the 7th September, had already gained a solid amount of publicity through it’s integrated campaign, 27 years after the original Stephen King’s ‘IT’ was released. Film trailers, posters and a brilliant cinematic VR experience aptly named IT: Float (that you should check out if you’re brave enough), have all been released as part of the campaign.

    However, the reason why the ‘IT’ movie has made our monthly blog is because of some smart guerrilla marketing that took place in Sydney, Australia. Red balloons were subtly positioned within drains along the streets of Sydney which are reminiscent of the balloons used by killer clown (Pennywise), accompanied with the text “IT IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. #ITMOVIE IN CINEMAS SEPTEMBER 7TH”.

    Pictures of these balloon encounters and walls of street art have been plastered across social media helping to give the film a boost on it’s day of release.

    The team behind this devious creative marketing stunt have got it so right, stirring up so much publicity across social media with so little effort. Props to them!

  5. 02 – Broken Billboards

    Spotted by: Ricco Leung

    Another brilliant OOH campaign that caught the eye this month were these ‘broken’ billboards from O2 UK.

    As part of a guerrilla marketing effort O2 placed five modified billboards across London and Liverpool that gave people passing by the illusion they had fallen and smashed. In actual fact O2 had constructed these wrecked billboards as a way of promoting their free screen replacement on new phones.

    O2 certainly had some people fooled as they began to flood Twitter with comments suggesting the billboards were ‘irony at it’s finest’. Deliberate or not, O2 created a lot of buzz across social media – clever work!

  6. Dolmio – No Drama

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Dolmio have also made our list this month with their new campaign – No Drama. This global campaign is taking a completely new approach to Dolmio’s previously puppet themed adverts, instead heading in the direction of a drama filled 30 seconds.

    This new ad features British actor Dominic West as a dad reluctant to sit at the dinner table as he and his son are too engrossed in their video game, theatrically stating ‘it’s more than just a game’. The drama abruptly comes to a halt when mum announces it’s Dolmio’s spaghetti bolognese that’s being served.

    An interesting move from Dolmio to drop the puppet family, which in fairness had probably run their course!

  7. Marmite – A Marmite Gene Project

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    You’ll either love or hate this entry from Marmite.

    Terrible pun aside, Marmite have impressively launched their largest marketing campaign to date spanning over social media, online and a TV spot. The ‘Test Results’ ad shown above is a comical drama spoof showing a series of families reacting to the news that they’re either Marmite lovers or haters. 

    This ad comes off the back of a real ground-breaking scientific study that has revealed there is in fact a genetic foundation to your taste preference of Marmite, meaning consumers really are born to love or hate the yeast extract.

    Marmite are even giving consumers the chance to buy their own test kit that will allow you to discover whether you’re a lover or hater (no, we’re not making this up)!

    So, are you a born lover or hater?

  8. Yellow Pages – The End of an Era

    Phil Gyford via / CC BY-NC-SA

    Spotted by: Phil Kean

    Finally, we have the news that the Yellow Pages is set to stop printing after a 51 year run. The business directory that has become a staple in so many homes across the UK, whether used for its original purpose or as a makeshift doorstop, is set to go digital.

    Yell, who own the Yellow Pages, have announced that this decision marks the company’s transition into digital with the first of the last set of 104 editions to be distributed in West London next January.

    January 2019 will mark the date that the final edition of the famous directory is set to be sent out, in Brighton, where it was originally published back in 1966.

    So long Yellow Pages!

Amidst all the ‘end of Summer’ gloom, September has given us some of the best creative marketing stories to feature on CreativeEye so far!

What did you think of this month’s entries? Did we miss anything that you spotted? If so let us know by tweeting us, or just get in touch with us directly here!

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