CreativeRead: June ’17 Edition

Published June 27, 2017
Last Updated July 24, 2018
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CreativeRead: June 2017’s creative marketing stories found from around the net

Too busy to keep on top of marketing news this month, not to worry! We’ve compiled some of the best marketing stories June has had to offer into one easy to read creative marketing blog. We’re good aren’t we?

This month features Uber UK’s largest mass media campaign to date, a Twitter blunder from Walkers and a Swedish museum of brand failures.

Have a read!

  1. Uber UK unveils biggest mass media campaign to date

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    The aptly named ‘Where To?’ campaign was launched earlier this month with Uber UK looking to strengthen its grip on key cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

    Out-of-home, online, cinema and press are all media outlets in Uber’s largest integrated campaign but the stand out piece is undoubtedly their first ever TV ad – ‘Effortless Night’. This great piece of video work follows ‘Miles’ and ‘Grace’ in their effortless journey across their city. Uber seem to have nailed the direction of the TV ad with their characters painlessly transitioning through each scene with a car being the focal point.

    Have a watch and expect future above the line campaigns from Uber UK.

  2. Walkers Crisps pull their #WalkersWave twitter campaign

    Spotted by: James Davison

    The #WalkersWave campaign was published with good intentions. The idea being that social media users would respond to the Walkers Twitter account with a selfie which would feature in a short video, all for a chance to win UEFA Champions League Final tickets.

    Inevitably, this went awry with many Twitter users sending in images of serial killers and shamed celebrities, which were then featured on the Walkers Twitter account. Unfortunately, the Twitter campaign quickly became a laughing stock as various precarious characters featured alongside Gary Lineker and went on to do a Mexican wave. We know it sounds odd but you will have to just see for yourself.

    Walkers removed the campaign and issued an apology on Twitter, but other brands should see this as another warning that even the best ideas can become corrupt on social media.

  3. UEFA’s – Together #WePlayStrong campaign

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Now for some football related news with UEFA making a record investment into women’s football, with a trendy video campaign that was set to air during the Men’s and Women’s Champions League finals.

    The video itself is exciting, providing quick transitions of women playing football, with a side of slick animation and a compelling song. The campaign sets out to challenge the misperceptions about women’s football and this video seems to be a step in the right direction.

    UEFA have admitted that they themselves have been slow to act at achieving participation targets in women’s football. However, this campaign seems to have come at the right time with gender equality an increasingly important subject and Women’s Sport Week 2017 having taken place on the week commencing 19th June.

  4. Brands fear impact of fines with GDPR coming into effect next year

    Spotted by: Ricco Leung

    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in less than a year but brands are still waiting with baited breath on what to do.

    Strict new guidance on data protection is going to change the way marketers work when the new regulations are introduced on the 25th May 2018. If marketers do not comply to these changes then they will be running the risk of heavy fines. It was reported in an article by The Drum that 17% of marketing and advertising agencies would go under if hit by one of these GDPR fines.

    Unquestionably, these changes have got marketers panicking. It was reported that the RNLI have already made changes to their database collection methods – an act regarded as too early by many. Why? Well the ICO are yet to provide information on their guidelines.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for any further developments on this.

  5. The Museum of Brand Failures

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    In lighter marketing news, we have a Swedish museum of brand failures. The project is run by an organisational psychologist named Samuel West and can be found in Helsingborg Sweden.

    The exhibition itself contains an array of items, ranging from the previously successful Kodak Digital Camera right through to a Lasagne made by Colgate, yes that was a real thing. When Samuel was asked the reason behind the project, he exclaimed that he’d grown tired of success stories and felt marketers can learn more from these failures.

    Although we love a good brand success story here at Jask we have enjoyed browsing through some of these terrible brand failures. Our particular favourites, the Harley Davidson perfume, the BIC ‘pen for her’ and of course Colgate’s frozen lasagne. What are yours?

As a Creative Marketing agency we’re always on the lookout for interesting marketing related news stories. Did we miss out your favourite story from this month?

Let us know by Tweeting us or contacting us directly here.

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