Environmental Policy.

For the purposes of this policy, the activities of the company can be divided into two areas: Design services and the supply of printed products.

The company’s design service undertakes to reduce its environmental impact by:

  1. Turning off unused computer and other electrical equipment when not in use
  2. Utilising the ‘energysaver’ function of computers and other electrical equipment
  3. Reducing the usage of hardcopy (paper) proofs and using soft (electronic) proofs wherever possible
  4. Recycle inks cartridges or other materials wherever possible

The supply of print involves a great deal of raw materials, therefore environmental efforts in this area are concentrated on the usage and disposal of paper, printing plates and inks. The company policies in this area are:

  1. To issue suppliers with this notice, and to request details of their policy with regardsto recycling paper, inks and litho plates.
  2. To give preference to suppliers that hold ISO1400 accreditation or an environmental policy that adheres to these standards.
  3. Where appropriate, suggest sustainably sourced FSC or recycled papers to clients as an alternative

Future improvements to the environmental impact arising from the operations of the company are identified in quarterly meetings attended by all directors and employees of the company. At these quarterly meetings, employees are reminded of the environmental policies of the company and any suggestions that lead to a change in policy are actioned and amended in this policy document.

At Jask Creative Limited we are committed to progressively minimising our impact on the environment and contribution to climate change. Our objective is to source papers, without exception from sustainable sources. A key element of this policy is a commitment to sustainable procurement. All key suppliers are required to provide the environmental facts on their products and manufacturing impacts. We actively promote sustainable forest management. Along with purchasing sustainably sourced papers which are FSC or PEFC accredited, we also source Carbon Balanced paper where possible. This is paper for which the production and distribution process has been carbon balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust.

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