How we create a video – 
Part Two – Our Suggested Approach

Published December 5, 2016
Last Updated January 11, 2022
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Welcome to our ‘How we create a video’ series guide. Following the briefing stage, we’re talking about ‘our suggested approach’ in this blog. Other parts to the series will be released on our blog in due course. To see other blogs in this series:

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Part Seven – Output and Delivery

After the brief has been outlined for a video project, it is now up to us to come up with a suggested approach. Our suggestions will be based on the following factors:

  • Concept and Theme

    An overriding concept is what gives the video a structure and a familiarity to the viewer. Without a concept, the viewer will have difficulty in understanding the video and thus making sense of your message.

  • Actors/Actresses

    A lot of the time in B2B videos, it will probably be on your agenda to use your own staff as actors within the video, mainly because it will save you costs of hiring professionals, but also because you’ll want to show off the people who know the company and the products/services. The alternative is to hire professionals, as mentioned.

    Before selecting staff as the video’s stars though, there should be a consideration about whether those selected would like to be in the video, as even the most confident of people can wilt on camera. Also, be aware that staff will also have heavy regional accents, which can detract from the video quality, or it could even be quite hard to understand. You may also want to look at the repercussions to your video should a staff who is in the video leaves and what that can do.

    Obviously paid actors will be doing the job of presentation day in day out as part of their working life, so we will be able to present a choice of actors that are best suited to the job.

    Furthermore, while paid actors/actresses have an associated cost attached to them, there is less disruption to your operations by taking staff out of their working day. Naturally, professionals will be quicker too and thus cost less in ‘real’ terms, for instance in lost revenue if you take your sales team out for a day of videography.

  • Location

    Based on your objectives, location(s) will be chosen and it will factor in the timing and suitability to the video. If you want to shoot on site, risk assessments should be taken as well for the safety of those involved.

    Sound considerations are also important at this point. Video-production quality microphones will pick up even the slightest of noises, such as slamming doors, squeaky hinges and even passing traffic, so choosing a location that has the least noise pollution as possible shorten the amount of time it takes to get the shots.

  • Style

    Having a style to the video is one of the things we will suggest. If there are videos you want to follow on from, i.e. modern and contemporary, old and traditional etc. then it is useful to set out to achieve the right feel.

  • Green Screen

    A green screen needs to be decided upon for editing purposes. If motion graphics or post-production special effects are required for the video, then filming against a green screen may be required.

  • Motion Graphics

    Motion graphics in videos are useful for either displaying messages or adding visual interest. If your video is to be used in exhibition spaces or in non-sound areas, then text overlays are useful to act as subtitles.

    A good example of motion graphic overlays is our video for Autodesk, which was used primarily at exhibition spaces. See the video below.

Part Three – ‘The Plan’ will be out in due course. Stay tuned!

If you can’t wait that long and want to know more about video projects and how they come together, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Or you can tweet us or drop us a message on Facebook.

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