Boost your marketing with an integrated agency

Published July 3, 2020
Last Updated July 27, 2021
Stuart Jordan

Managing Director

Nowadays, there are so many different marketing strategies that can be used. From a solution that allows you to automate cold outreach to social media to guerilla, it’s no wonder there are so many agencies that specialize in a certain area. Marketing agencies are often born from specialists in an area, with one, two or a few people coming together, sharing their expertise and a goal of providing a particular type of service better than anyone else. A large number of successful, highly specialised agencies such as dunnhumby, the marketing services company behind Tesco’s Clubcard, started this way.

However, alongside the highly specialised agency, there are agencies that take an integrated approach – covering multiple specialisms and organising internal teams to make these work together.

The advantages of an integrated marketing approach

Integrated agencies (like us, Jask!) have specialists in multiple fields, working closely together. Our agency for instance has a team of experts from multiple disciplines such as graphic design, digital marketing, PR and content, and web development all working together. Typically, experts are all housed together under one roof. Teams work very closely together, making the most of their different skills to produce more holistic marketing campaigns.

Take a new product launch as an example. There may be a need for a strategist and project manager to set a direction and project plan, a creative team to work on the visual aspects of the project, developers to work on a website, a freelance seo bolton professional (or one from the area where you live) to optimize your website, and PR and social experts to plan and communicate key messages. That’s before you’ve even begun to think about how the photographer, videographer and digital marketing teams fit in.

Besides, once you get involved in digital marketing, it’s difficult to step back. And when it comes to marketing, SEO can have the potential to propel a company tenfold. Technical SEO specialists from an SEO company in Utah or elsewhere can determine your potential community’s search intent. To improve your local or international search intent, begin by regularly updating your Google My Business profile with the appropriate international intent search terms. Second, you may consider updating your Google My Business profile with market news and information.

Without a large marketing department that can coordinate all the activities, keeping everyone informed can be tricky. Without teams knowing what others are doing and how it will affect what they are working on, projects can very quickly spin out of control and creative or efficiency opportunities can be lost.

Integrated marketing agencies take care of this problem – teamwork and internal communication provide clarity, brand consistency and an easier to manage experience for clients.

Speed is key

In times of change, businesses need to create and release campaigns quickly. Speed, cost and efficiency are essential.

An integrated approach streamlines the whole marketing process. An entire team of talented experts are made available to you under a single point of contact. Ultimately, you get a better result. Faster!

You’ll have greater access to services and the best industry tools, without the hassle of managing a handful of different agencies. With many processes happening concurrently and managed by the teams actually carrying them out, the slowdown that can happen with teams that are not this tightly connected is reduced significantly.


When you work with an integrated agency, you are gaining access to a wide range of services. For example, PR, social media, outreach and content marketing all benefit from each other and open new opportunities that can only arise from these functions working together as a single unit. PR campaigns may for example start off with a written piece used for media outreach, but then also be repurposed internally for social media, website content, advertising, or printed literature.

Integrated teams know how to work across disciplines and offer you the greatest amount of flexibility and value for your campaigns.

A focus on value

The main goal of our integrated approach is a commitment to delivering the best in all areas in a way that really works as a whole, adds values and returns real ROI.

It may not be the easiest thing for us to pull off… but it’s very, very effective!

If you’re looking to streamline your communications strategy, drop us a line here.