Jask’s Winter ’16/17

Published March 20, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
Jask Creative

Monday 20th March. A momentous day. Why?

Well, if you didn’t know, it means spring is here for the UK! And you can call it a tenuous link if you will, but that means I can give you an update on what we’ve finished working on during the winter of ‘16/17. Check out some of our stand out projects below…

Wigwam Branding

WigWam Marketing Case Study | Jask Creative

To coincide with the launch of their new online-only service, Wigwam approached us to re-brand their estate agency to not only help introduce the new service but to also differentiate them from a competitive and crowded marketplace.

Based in the ever-popular towns of Leamington Spa and Banbury, Wigwam needed a brand to match the trendy and fashionable vibe and to cut through to the surrounding demographic.

To start, we firstly selected a unique looping typeface for a connected, friendly and more assured feel that you get from the company. Then, taking an element of this typeface we developed the logo mark to loosely represent a simple wigwam structure, also hinting at the simplicity of dealing with Wigwam.

Finally, adding in a vibrant colour palette along with warm geometric shapes and friendly copy, it gives Wigwam a unique brand that sets them apart from the rest of the competition with a real independent personality.

Rolled out over shop signage, boards, digital channels and printed literature, the new brand has become a common sight and somewhat of a talking point around town.

For more on the Wigwam re-brand click here for the full case study.

CR Laurence – Ceralsio and CRL Quartz Branding and Launch

CRL - Ceralsio Website - Tablet | Jask Creative

Due to existing licensing agreements coming to an end, CR Laurence had an urgent requirement to launch two new, own-brand product lines under a new holding division called CRL Stone. ‘Quartz’ is a high-end range of quartz-based surfaces, while ‘Ceralsio’ is a brand new innovative porcelain surface range.

Each line was entering a high-end, competitive marketplace, so the brands firstly needed to be elegant, and secondly roll-out needed to be seamless to compete with other offerings that already existed in the marketplace.

Both lines are different in nature to each other, yet contain similarities to make them recognisable as part of CRL Stone. Using stencilling and geometric shapes in the logos we created brands that lend themselves to the natural, modern feel of the stones. By setting them with clean, sans-serif typography and luxury CGI backgrounds it makes the brands attention grabbing and different from competitor offerings by making them memorable whilst also setting the tone for the lifestyle.

With plenty of existing knowledge and experience in this industry, roll-out of the brands was quick and effective. Websites for both brands were up in a short timeframe, along with sales literature and print and digital advertising.

With encouraging initial sales following the launch, we’ve helped strengthened CRL’s position in the kitchen surfaces markets and market share is reportedly on the increase.

Barker Brettell Website Redesign

Barker Brettell IP Website | Jask Creative

Intellectual property (IP) specialists Barker Brettell approached us to refresh their website and make it clear what their offering is and who their specialists are.

IP can be a complex subject. Often, it requires specialist experience to be able to drill down to the core of the matter, so we reflected this by focusing on Barker Brettell’s people from the very outset.

To do this, one of the core features of the site is the Brochure Builder. The builder allows users to select multiple CVs of Barker Brettell’s people and then build them into a downloadable PDF so they can compare and select the best person for the case.

For the site’s aesthetic, it was important to modernise Barker Brettell’s image as well as again focusing on making it a professional, but also personal service. A photoshoot was undertaken to show what Barker Brettell can protect and who is behind the business.

With strong copy based around the word ‘protect’ and colour overlays with custom iconography, Barker Brettell’s website is now a clear and user friendly entry point into complicated subjects. Click here to check out the website!

C2B2 – Brand Identity

C2B2 Marketing Case Study | Jask Creative

C2B2 are software middleware experts that can support a company’s requirements through the full IT lifecycle. In a competitive market where USPs can be hard to distinguish, the brand needed a refresh to demonstrate who C2B2 are and what makes them unique.

To focus on the full service nature of the company, we based the brand icon on an infinite circle, representing the ability of C2B2 to be able to advise and support during the full lifecycle of a project. The circle graphic was also selected as it works well across all environments and locks up with partner logos seamlessly.

Using a blue and grey colour palette we brought an air of professionalism, while a sans-serif typeface brings a contemporary and approachable feel.

The new brand has been warmly received by all stakeholders and has been a focus of reinvigorating marketing and business development activities.

For more on the C2B2 project click here for the full case study.

Arden Chambers – Corporate Website

Arden Chambers Case Study | Jask Creative

Arden Chambers are a Legal 500 set of barristers specialising in housing, local government and property law. We were commissioned to re-develop their website in order to better connect with their audience and generate better engagement with the chambers.

To improve the site, we first started by implementing an intuitive CMS so Arden could make changes to the website more easily. On the front end, the menu system was refined to improve user engagement and navigation, while a bespoke photoshoot capturing motion around the chambers resulted in giving the website a more personalised and professional feel.

Features of the site include a ‘bespoke barrister guide’, which enables users to collate barrister CVs together into a bespoke PDF brochure for prospective clients. The site is also responsive, and features an automated email functionality to enable Arden to automatically pull news articles, seminars and case news into a professionally designed email template ready to send to their contacts.

Feedback post launch has been fantastic with clients commenting on the refreshed design and internal stakeholders commenting on how easy it is to keep in contact with prospects and present barrister selections.

Check out the Arden Chambers site and test the brochure builder out by clicking here.

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