The Key To Making Your Surveys Worth Taking

Published March 3, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
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Do you like KFC? Do you like it enough to take a boring, arduous survey to get 15% off your next order?

Let me answer my own question. I am a die hard fan of the finger-lickin’ chicken, and 15% is a real saving when you’re spending the best part of £20 each visit (don’t judge me) but even I do not put myself through that optional survey that you can take after your order.

This is a global brand loved by many across the world that is struggling to grab my attention, so god only knows how other surveys punted by lesser known brands are doing across the world.

Why not, I hear you ask? Quite simply, it is just boring and hard work, I’ll pay the full price and save myself some time.

If you’ve ever taken the survey, then you know you must first go through a laborious process of entering your receipt details, and then answering around 20 odd questions that probably means nothing to you.

What this does is make the survey off-putting for the user, and you as the brand end up getting skewed results. Let’s face it, by question 10 you’ve more than likely switched off and you’re just pushing buttons to get to the finish.

So how do we get past this? What is the key to not only getting your audiences to take the surveys, but to also take them as seriously as possible?


One word. Gamification.


A buzzword that appeared about three or four years ago, it is a truly relevant application to data collection and surveys.

How does it work in surveys, you say?

Well, with the advent of smartphones and touch screens and of course being connected to your social peers, you can start to put in simple interactions. We’ve seen things like scratch cards for prizes, points-based quiz surveys, badges and achievements and social gaming elements, all of which encourage the users to ‘play’ their way through the survey.

According to Tim Pickard of NewVoiceMedia, gamification tools work because they ‘give users the ability to carry out a task’ by ‘breaking it down into bite-size chunks and increasing the perceived capability for the user.’

This logic certainly applies to KFC-sized surveys, often much bigger than their family-sized buckets.

Gamification also motivates users to do something, but in a more interesting and engaging format. KFC, you know we all want that 15% off, just make it easier for us. Simply adding in more visuals and deeper levels of interaction and I promise to finish more of your surveys, while you’ll more than likely get better results and a more engaged audience elsewhere too.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it out today. Give your surveys and data collection a new lease of life by simply going to Survey Anyplace. It’s free to sign up for an unlimited amount of time and test out some features before deciding to subscribe for extra content.

Lastly, get rid of the time-consuming format of entering details via form. If Lotto can produce individual QR codes to their tickets that you can scan and be told straight away whether you’ve won or not, surely KFC and others can do that too and take you straight to the survey.

Of course, if you want to skip the whole stage and just get data, and your pockets are deep, simply head to Mintel. The number one data intelligence provider in the world, their reports are great and insightful. Just one tiny problem…most of their reports start around the £2,000 mark. Ouch.

Plus, it isn’t Mintel is of course third-party data and not tailored to you, whereas your own created surveys are first party data and thus the relationship between the data and your brand is much more direct. More benefits of first-party data can be found here at 7Suite’s blog.

This post might seem like an unfair attack on KFC, but really, I just want more from you – fulfil your potential in our technologically gifted world of today!


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