Our Summer 2016

Published October 4, 2016
Last Updated August 1, 2019
Jask Creative

Waking up to dark grey skies and seemingly forever sporting the rain-flecked glasses look can mean but one thing and one thing only – autumn has arrived and summer is over.

It is therefore a good time to reflect on our summer of 2016 and get a bit of perspective on how things have gone. Thankfully, we’re quite pleased to say that it has been a great one that has been filled with a variety of work that we are immensely proud of. We’ve picked out a few that we’d like to share with you below.


British Athletics Outdoor Season

British Athletics Outdoor Season 2016 | Jask Creative

I suppose I should start with one of our most prominent projects this summer, the British Athletics Outdoor Season creative work.

Having been commissioned to provide unique visual identities for three separate events – the Birmingham Grand Prix, The British Championships and the Muller Anniversary Games – this was one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects of the summer.

With a strategy around targeting families, experience seekers, as well as the more established athletics audience, our studio used a whole host of different techniques to make athletics ‘explode into life’. The creative anchors used included bursting dust clouds, utilising the draw of the prestigious Olympic Stadium and the patriotism associated with the Union Jack. See a full case study here.


Autodesk Videos

Video's For Autodesk 2016 | Jask Creative

Also drawing to a close in summer was a series of five videos (four product-led introductory videos and one promotional video) for leading CAD software providers, Autodesk.

As highly technical software products that are sold to engineers and industry B2B professionals, the test was to put together short and sharp videos that would explain Autodesk’s various software packages in a succinct, easy to digest fashion.

For the technical product videos, we used in-house experts to narrate through the product’s features and benefits in order to make sure that the delivery would be smooth, on-point and authentic.

The individual challenge of the footwear design video was to overcome the issue of not having sound where the video would be used, specifically at exhibitions. Taking actual users of Autodesk in the shoe industry, we filmed designers both on a green screen and in-situ using video editing software to get a mix of narration shots and action shots.

During post production ‘kinetic’ text was added in to keep the video visually interesting, while at the same time acting as subtitles to account for not having sound available. To see a full case study of this video please click here.


Allegion Moving Campaign

Allegion Moving Mailer 2016 | Jask Creative

An interesting project that was put to us over summer was to highlight Allegion’s head office move and to notify their partners, suppliers and customers of their new address.

Applying a location icon as the main creative attraction, we first developed a pop up fold out mailer which would catch the attention of the recipients and act as the main centrepiece of the campaign, with the end goal of essentially staying on peoples’ desks.

Following the mailer, we rolled out the creative across digital channels, including email, email signatures and across their social channels Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure all parties were aware of Allegion’s impending move.


Burlington Uniforms Catalogues

Burlington Workwear Catalogue 2016 | Jask Creative

One of our biggest projects that came to a close during summer were the catalogues we did for Burlington Uniforms.

As a major clothing distributor, we were given the task of redesigning their main catalogue on workwear and corporate wear.

We first identified that the ordering process explained in the introduction of the catalogue was convoluted and very ‘hard to digest’. To that end, we edited the copy to make the ordering process simpler to understand and a lot more concise so that the end users would be not be dissuaded from using the catalogue from the get go.

The next port of call was to divide up the catalogue into two specialist catalogues – one for workwear, one for corporate uniforms – as by having both categories in one made the publication very weighty and thus difficult to use, and also expensive to send out.

Colour coding was employed as the method of distinguishing between clothing sections while a grid style layout was used to give the catalogue a consistent look and feel. Cross referencing between the catalogues meant users would be referred from one catalogue to the other to make sure they could order what they wanted.


Bibby Financial Services Marketing Portal

Bibby Factors Marketing Portal 2016 | Jask Creative

Not to blow our own trumpets, but one of the best skills we believe we have is finding solutions to problems, and our Marketing Portal for Bibby Financial Services (BFS) showcases just that very skill.

As a large company with multiple offices, each requiring their own personalised stationery, brochures and print needs, BFS’s legacy system had evolved into a cumbersome, slow and ineffective method of working. The system needed a complete overhaul to fulfil two essential requirements – firstly to improve efficiency for branch office staff and to alleviate the pressures on the central marketing team. Secondly to act as a central marketing hub for wider marketing assets such as imagery, presentations, logos, brand guidelines etc.

Our solution was to build a bespoke print management system to decentralise the workload from the marketing team and give control to each member of BFS to call-off what they need. Spend is kept under control locally by utilising authorisation routes and monthly activity reports. This means that branch staff can now personalise their own stationery and order what they require, taking the pressure off the marketing team. Staff are also able to access wider marketing assets through the same portal.

After a successful roll-out we then expanded our offering to include BFS’s event collateral management which provides stands, pull-up banners, promo items and literature all over the country across a series of events throughout the year.

And that is just about it folks! For more of our creative marketing work, click through to our Pinterest board.

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