Project management tools: how to streamline your processes

Published November 9, 2017
Last Updated December 10, 2018
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Project Management Tools

To manage digital projects efficiently, we recently introduced MeisterTask into our Digital Marketing team. MeisterTask is one of the most popular project management tools for businesses and freelancers alike. Here’s how our workflow has changed since:


Since its inception, Digital Marketing has evolved into an integrated discipline of the marketing spectrum. Websites are no longer siloed off for webmasters to build and control. Instead, digital marketing today incorporates input from branding managers, SEO specialists, designers, content managers, web developers, and more. Collectively, these people and their resources can create some excellent marketing campaigns, especially when they know what not to do when digital marketing.

As a full-service marketing agency, our motto of “design, digital and everything in-between” adopts this integrated approach. Our delivery of digital marketing services involves specialists from all areas of the agency and is always evolving with technologies and social movements in tandem. A personalized marketing outlook is very important for businesses, they want to feel like they are putting out a part of themselves each time. Utilizing us as well as websites such as can be the added benefit that they need to keep thriving.


Digital Marketing is now one of the busiest and most involved departments of our agency.

Client input, design changes, amends and instructions were coming from different departments at different stages of digital marketing projects. Cross-departmental collaboration is also an ongoing requirement.

Particularly for building websites, our Digital Marketing and Web Development teams were increasingly facing difficulties in managing these large, mid to long-term projects effectively, with information being kept to each member of the team and not shared amongst each other.

An efficient method of tracking projects, workflow and assigning tasks communally was required. As well as this, the digital marketing team needed to be able to communicate lead times on projects to account managers, see what tasks were outstanding from other departments and view new or ad hoc work in advance to plan workflow in the department effectively and efficiently.

Project management tools being used by digital marketing team


There are several ways to go about successful project management. An example of which is “Objective, Key Results” which help teams to set measurable goals when taking on a project. Softwares like Profit provide and all in one solution for managing OKRs which could be an option if the OKR methodology sounds suitable for your project. Another methodology to consider is workflow management, which means creating and optimizing paths for data in order to complete a given process. The latter is the solution we investigated as we thought it the more suitable for the project.

After researching into the most popular project management tools, including things like workflow management software, MeisterTask was chosen for its ability to manage projects via project boards, and then be able to track those projects through custom built stages. It also benefitted in being a simple solution to onboard team members to.

MeisterTask’s unique features have now been implemented in a number of ways across the agency, including:

  • Each member of the Digital Marketing Team now has their own individual workflow, while the Scheduling Manager oversees task assignments day-to-day, and project by project.
  • Projects are viewed communally, and tasks are given tags to enable filtering. This allows tasks to be filtered by priority or topic, for example.
  • Use of the ‘panelling’ system means the Digital Project Manager can instantly see where projects and tasks are at, how much time each task is likely to take, and how much time can be allocated to web developers during the working day.
  • Colour-coded panels mean delays, hold-ups or instructions are instantly recognisable on the project board, making it transparent for all teams across the agency as to where projects are at.

Screenshot of project management tools


Transparency and workflow have been vastly improved since the introduction of MeisterTask across not just the Digital Marketing Team, but the agency as a whole.

Instead of having to share information verbally or via email, which used to be time-consuming and cause problems when members of the team were away, all information is now logged on the MeisterTask project boards.

This has increased productivity, while for account managers liaising with clients, the transparency of project boards means they can instantly be informed of any delays or hold-ups that require client input or other departments, and what any instructions are likely to do to project lead times.

MeisterTask is now being explored for rollout across the whole agency. Project management tools have been the easiest way to improve efficiency within the agency.

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