the finer details.

the challenge

Autodesk commissioned us to create a video showcasing its 3D modelling software.

The world of high fashion within the footwear industry is a traditional environment where hand craftsmanship plays a significant role. One of the challenges we faced was demonstrating how the use of modern 3D modelling software can work within such a traditional environment.

the solution

We developed a video, and later a stand concept for the SIMAC exhibition in Milan, to convey Autodesk’s superb software that is used by international clients.

The video we created needed to reach each of Autodesk’s target markets, so we separated into three sections: design, manufacture and future. These sections demonstrated how Autodesk’s software integrates seamlessly with current practice and how it works within a traditional workflow.

The video talks about the different levels of software and discusses how users can pick and choose the parts they require.

When it came to the stand, an important aspect to get across was that Autodesk is a new name for the footwear industry. Which is why the iconic wraparound ‘A’ from the Autodesk logo was highlighted in the centre of the stand.

“This is perfect! Everyone in the team loves the video! Thanks again for your work on this, it’s by far the best thing we’ve created.”

Simon Hamilton

the results

The video conveys how the software aids manufacture, without removing the traditional craftsmanship involved. It’s also designed to be segmented easily so salespeople can use it to target the specific markets individually.

The final stand and video was well received not only at the exhibition, but across the web and succeeds in presenting Autodesk as a thought leader in the industry, which is fitting with the company’s strapline ‘The future of making things.’

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