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inspiring staff.

the challenge

Internal referrals are a key source of new business for Bibby. We were tasked with increasing the number of employee referrals generated across all 14 offices through greater staff awareness and engagement.

the solution

The concept of monthly “Focus Days” was introduced where employees compete on the number of referrals they generate. To make these days fun and engaging, we introduced a number of different themes to run throughout the year. We designed and produced themed competitions, quizzes, games, posters, pads, stickers, lead tables, prizes and office decorations. We suggested music to play alongside a dress style and activities for the day to tie in with the theme and help generate money for their supported charities. To ensure the days were easy to organise, everything needed to run the day was delivered to the relevant manager within each office in a single, branded focus day box once a month.

“At Bibby Financial Services, creating motivating and engaging experiences for our staff is an essential part of encouraging the generation of new business leads. Jask has devised a series of innovative monthly, themed focus day support materials that deliver a real buzz for the staff involved. These days are brilliant for staff morale and create the healthy competition that we as a business need to deliver positive growth. Our scheme ambassador and local champions are delighted with the whole delivery of this project from Jask - from planning through to final execution and delivery.”

Loretta Fairley, Client Communications Manager

the results

Since its launch there has been a 51% increase in opportunities generated and a 21% increase in new business. A real success was the introduction of cost effective vouchers such as “The Ultimate Weekender” (Finish early on a Friday), “The Big Lie In” (Take the morning off) and “The Lazy Lunch” (An extended lunch break). These proved a great motivator to staff without breaking the budget for the business.

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