Caesarstone Advertising

making a splash.

the challenge

Caesarstone is a high performing composite worksurface material that has recently come up against increasingly fierce competition. Our advertising campaign creative needed to show the benefits of the surface in an obvious way that still visually reflected their positioning as market leaders.

the solution

We commissioned a photoshoot designed to depict a variety of interesting scenarios that showed the USPs of the surface. By creating layouts that conflicted with the style of advertising normally used in lifestyle magazines, we were able to run an interruption campaign that reflected the confidence of the brand and suggested that surfaces produced by competitors may look the same but would almost certainly be inferior in their attributes. The creative was used across magazine advertising, static digital and rich media. A clip of the photoshoot was spun into a PR campaign.

“Since when did smashing eggs and wine glasses count as work?”

Stuart Manley, Photographer

the results

The advertising was successful on all levels and became the longest running campaign the company had ever run.

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