Capita plc

deeper thinking.

the challenge

Capita Financial Services were being negatively affected by press associated with the wider Capita Group. As such they wanted to distance themselves, whilst still retaining a perceived positive association with the FTSE 100 company.

the solution

We created a contemporary new brand for their suite of software products. By focussing on the software provided we were able to draw attention away from the negative connotations associated with the group, while keeping within the broader brand guidelines enabled us to retain a positive association with the parent company. Research indicated that clients retained positive feelings towards one of the legacy brands “Synaptic”. Using this name as part of the new identity we created the logo around a brain icon to represent how clever the software is. Each product was given its own “synapse” in the brain, which when brought together combine to create the fusion brand as a whole.

“This branding project is a great example of the ability of our creatives to apply research and solid thinking to a visually led project.”

Phil Kean, Client Services Director

the results

Launched over all communication materials including a new look website, product cards, brochures, adverts and the software suite, the new brand has been warmly received by existing clients and has helped Capita reach out to new clients by focussing on the future of the software.

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