CR Laurence

Hyper-realistic CGI roomsets.

the challenge

CR Laurence is the world’s largest supplier of glazing accessories. Their European division was established in 2010 with headquarters based in Rochdale. The company now operates across Europe as a major supplier in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Holland and Italy.

Historically, the creation of new hardware installations was problematic for CRL. Having room-sets built for different shower setups was proving too costly and time consuming due to the number of images needed and the specific setups needed to be shown in each individual image.

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CRL Case Study - Bathroom Imagery | Jask Creative

the solution

We proposed the use of hyper-realistic CGI room-sets that enabled images to be produced to the same final quality as photography. Individual elements of the room-sets could easily be replaced and updated for different types of hardware allowing for more versatility and ease of use.

We started by creating mood-boards and rough outlines of proposed room-sets. Next, we carried out 3D modelling of all hardware which was to be used within them and then produced final renders from signed off styles.

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CRL Case Study - Bathroom Imagery | Jask Creative

the results

As a result of this activity, CRL has ownership of quality imagery that is unrivalled by any of its competitors. It brings a professionalism and high standard which gives the company an edge in its marketing efforts. With base room-sets now established, variations of these can also now be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

CRL Case Study 3 | Jask Creative
CRL Case Study 2 | Jask Creative

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