Hoya Lens UK

A Social Vision.

the challenge

Hoya Lens, one of the UK’s largest vision care companies, were looking to develop their social media activity in order to have a larger impact online. After supporting Hoya for a number of years with their marketing activities, in November 2018 they approached us with the challenge of revitalising their social media channels.

the solution

After an initial audit, we could see Hoya had previously been working hard to build an audience on Facebook and Twitter. Although they had already built a following, the channels had suffered from inconsistent posting, resulting in engagement levels dropping off due to the partly inactive channels.

A refined social strategy, alongside consistent and relevant messages would help bring life back into their social media. In line with Hoya’s core values, we looked to help promote a community feel with their target audience of Independent Opticians. To best reflect this, we moved away from the predominantly sales-led posts to inject a more informative, approachable and relatable tone within the written copy and branded graphics. Alongside our more people-focused and informative product posts, we also began using the social channels to promote their popular industry events.

After reviving their Facebook and Twitter channels we also decided that Hoya could benefit from re-introducing their inactive Instagram channel. With a new strategy in mind, we began creating captivating, visual social content, sharing bi-weekly social schedules with the Hoya marketing team before sending posts live.

the results

Since implementing a fresh social strategy, Hoya are now seeing some of the best results yet. Aside from seeing their best ever levels of event attendance, their online presence has expanded through increased channel size and improved channel performance in 14 months.

  • 349% Increase in Instagram followers
  • 41% Increase in Facebook followers
  • 10% Increase in Twitter followers
  • 27,655 Instagram impressions gained
  • 199,399 Facebook impressions gained
  • 186,028 Twitter impressions gained

“Working with Jask over recent years has been an absolute pleasure. The team at Jask are supportive and customer focused at every step within the process. We’ve seen some great results so far. They have played a vital part in our customer communications and growth. Jask feel like an extension of our marketing team.”

Dale Hughes, Hoya UK

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