Jonas Events

A technical turn of events.

the challenge

Jonas Event Technology (JET) is a leading registration services and events software company which ensures the efficient running of events within the trade exhibition, consumer and conference market.

JET approached us with a view to increase the amount of organic traffic to their website. This required us to carry out an extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit to identify any issues with the site and opportunities for improvement.

the solution

Following the initial SEO audit, it was clear we needed to recommend an implementation of various improvements including on-site, off-site and technical SEO, to achieve immediate and longer-term organic traffic improvements.

Alongside the audit, we carried out competitor analysis and keyword research. The competitor analysis allowed us to explore the competitive environment, highlighting their approach to SEO and potential opportunities JET could utilise to be favoured by search engines.

Extensive keyword research enabled us to focus on optimising our approach for branded keywords, as well as fairly-low competition keywords with a considerable amount of search volume.

Finally, a tailored strategy document was produced. The document took into account all explored facets and covered strategic direction, objectives and a further SEO and  content strategy. 

the results

By addressing matters such as sitemap issues, duplicate content, unfinished sections on the website, and placing optimal keywords on relevant pages and their title tags and metadata, we were able to improve organic traffic to their website.

Following on from this activity, JET immediately saw a rise in keywords indexed by Google by 44.83% and Organic Traffic grew in numbers. With these initial positive results, JET can now maintain medium to longer term plans on the site.

  • 117% In Baseline Organic Traffic (data from Google Analytics)
  • 44.83% increase in keywords indexed by Google (data from SEMrush)

“Our SEO audit processes have been refined over many years, and we used a variety of techniques for Jonas Events to build a stable foundation for their long-term digital strategy. ”

Stuart Jordan, Managing Director, Jask Creative

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