Fresh, festive and fun.

the challenge

To support Poundland’s transformation from a single price retailer to a simple price retailer, our design team was challenged to produce a new A4 6-page Christmas leaflet for the British retail giant. These leaflets were to be delivered to four million homes across the UK in a matter of weeks (just in time for Christmas)!

With a tight deadline and detailed brief, our team couldn’t wait to get started!

the solution

Working collaboratively with Poundland, our creative team moved swiftly to achieve the perfect vision for the leaflet.

With various retailers introducing campaigns over the Christmas season, this leaflet had to stand out from the crowd and needed the ‘wow factor’ to generate intrigue and spark excitement surrounding Poundland’s new pricing campaign.

As we needed to cover a huge number of products, paired with Poundland’s ever-changing range, our team carefully designed detailed mock-ups of each page. This allowed for any last-minute changes to be made in the shortest possible time.

Once visuals were approved, we could design the final version of the leaflet to be sent out to over four million UK homes! With vibrant visuals throughout, each page was given a distinctive and fresh feel, whilst reflecting Poundland’s core pricing strategy message.

the results

The festive leaflet went down a treat with Poundland and the four million homes it was delivered to. As a result, two weeks later, we were asked to produce a second 6-page festive leaflet that was to be distributed to millions of homes just before Father Christmas arrived!

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