generating sales.

the challenge

TRANSAX is a card payment specialist, helping businesses select the right machines for their requirements. We were tasked with building a website to reflect the market leading positioning of the company and feature an intuitive content management system to enable staff of all abilities to update the website internally.

the solution

By incorporating videos of staff on the website, we helped TRANSAX to stand out as an approachable, friendly and reliable company. By ‘humanising’ the company we were able to illustrate how customer services driven they are. To ensure the content management system was user friendly we ran spot tests and amended the programming to enable updates and amends to the site to be made easily in an intuitive way.

“The website’s been received really well. We’ve had lots of positive feedback and praise from some very senior managers (including the MD!) here. We have also seen a notable increase in the number of incoming leads off the site which is great! The new CMS is amazing. It’s truly beautiful and a joy to work with! The TRANSAXpay team now can’t wait for us to start on their site! Please pass our thanks on to the team who have been very patient and done an absolutely fantastic job.”

Mike Bradley, Sales Support Manager, FIS Payments UK Ltd

the results

Well received by all stakeholders the new website both refined the user journey for the customer and also the administration side of the website through a simplified content management system.

Since the launch, TRANSAX has seen the number of leads generated from the website increase significantly, partly through the extra traffic generated as a result of more frequent updates and partly through the refined user experience.

You can view the site here:

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