Sales in a Non-Contact World

Published June 2, 2020
Last Updated June 9, 2020
Phil Kean

For time immemorial, sales have been conducted person to person. There’s simply no substitute for the connection and trust that can be conveyed in person. As the old saying goes, ‘people buy people’.

So… that gives a lot of businesses a problem! How do you direct your sales team – many of whom may be unfamiliar with video calling and other forms of digital communication.

There’s some clear things you can do to support your team and to give them the impetus to get out there (virtually!) and make those sales:

  1. Let your customers know that you’re there

    This doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as the message gets to who you need it to get to. Some ideas are:

    • A general eshot to your database reminding people that your sales team are contactable
    • Graphics and example text for your sales team to use on their LinkedIn channels and via personal emails to known contacts
    • Social media updates, as well as updates to Google My Business making it clear that your business is open and ready for contact!
    • Press Releases designed to raise awareness of what you’ve been doing and that you are ready to help
  2. Communicate how you will conduct business

    In a similar way to the above, once internal plans are in place for how you will communicate with customers while maintaining social distancing, communication of these plans is key:

    • Sending across a mobile phone number and working hours are warm invitations to get in touch, and so often not done
    • Brand your Zoom channel if this is something you use… this makes it much more professional and accessible for people not used to video calling
  3. Give your sales team something to say

    One of the advantages of our current situation is that digital communications are at the fore during this time, so sales personnel that are not normally used to using these mediums will learn how effectively they can contact a large number of people in a shorter amount of time:

    • Produce sales aids, presentation and slide decks that are designed for viewing on screen
    • Make more use of video… especially when demonstrating products, or where finer details need to be shown, a video is the closest alternative to being shown in person
    • Make more use of photography. In a socially distanced world, humanising your communications will help give a connection and build trust
    • Give your sales team suggested text to use in their communications, as well as a plan of how they should use LinkedIn and email. These can be produced as Battlecards to make it easier for them to follow and so will lead to more activity actually happening!
"There’s no doubt that the sales landscape has changed, but if there is one thing that salespeople are, it’s adaptable."

It’s true, sales people are extremely adaptable – but they need support. So empower them with the tools they need to do their job better and watch them start selling again.

We are currently working with many clients who are having to change their approach to sales. If you would like any support or advice with empowering your sales team, please get in touch. As a full service creative agency we can support in all areas required.