Social Update – 10th December

Published December 10, 2021
Last Updated December 10, 2021
Jask Creative

We are back giving you all of the biggest updates in social media from this week.

Tiktok’s New Tagging Option

TikTok is testing an option that will allow users to tag other users in clips. Another way TikTok aims to boost engagement. With the new video creation flow, not only will users be able to @mention in captions, but also tag users without text mentions – offering a cleaner approach to the process. 

Brands will be able to enhance community engagement by notifying loyal followers or partners of their latest uploads with this new tagging option. Currently, this feature is in testing, with no confirmation on when it will be fully rolled out.


Twitter Preparing For Broader Launch Of Downvotes

Twitter’s reply downvotes feature could be rolled out to more users very soon. It was tested as a way to highlight valuable replies, not as a dislike button.

Twitter’s goal is to determine what content users find relevant and use that information to show them more relevant content. Downvotes will remain private, as Twitter has announced, which will create more engaging threads.


Youtube Search Insights

YouTube’s latest tool makes it easier for creators to understand what their viewers are looking for. The “Search Insights” add-on to YouTube Studio would give creators a view into viewer searches over the last 30 days.

There are two streams of insights: one shows the popularity of certain keywords among a wide audience scope, and the other shows insights specific to a creator’s audience. With these additional insights, creators will be able to better craft their content and plan out their uploads in conjunction with viewer behaviours and interests.


Instagram Adds Customisation To Story Links

Instagram has added further customisation options to its story links feature. Previously Links would display the like for like URL with no customisation allowed. However, Instagram has now given users the option to customise the link to display alternative text to the URL as well as introducing additional colour options. Although a simple change, it will likely increase the click-through ratios of story links as before it could sometimes be unclear where a link would take someone.


Twitter Is Testing A Tiktok-Style Feature 

A new test feature of Twitter will provide audience members with a personalised explorer page, allowing them to explore content that matches their interests, as well as providing a visual-first way to surface content on Twitter. 

The fact that other companies are considering similar functionality is not a surprise – TikTok surpassed one billion monthly active users this year. It can yet to be seen whether this feature will become a vehicle for change for Twitter’s discovery page or just another flop. A la fleets

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