The Curvorama – The Future of Exhibiting?

Published May 27, 2015
Last Updated July 9, 2018
Jask Creative

As part of a marketing team, chances are you will have exhibited at an exhibition/trade show/fair before. Even more likely is that you’ll have found yourself facing the usual dilemmas of exhibiting, such as:

  • What type of stand you’re having
  • What floor space you have to work with
  • Whether bits of your stand can be re-used at your next show
  • How easy it is to set up your stand
  • Whether it’s portable and if it can be carried on planes if exhibiting overseas
  • Whether it’s curved or flat

These are common queries that we have to field day in, day out and truth be told, up until recently, we’d have probably said that more often than not each different exhibition you go to will require a new unique stand every time.

The reason being is each and every venue is different, the way you’re set up is different, what you require at each show is different and you never know what floor space and shell scheme you get given. Thankfully, with tools like, custom design exhibits can be created, making the most of every show.

Of course, what that roughly translates into is it is going to be unpredictable and probably expensive.

Well, enter the game changing product: The Curvorama.

The Curvorama, invented and developed by Fresco, is as they call it “the ONLY portable display system that can adapt to any venue whether as a free-standing backdrop or to line a shell scheme.”

Using the wall hangers supplied, these graphic panels automatically cover the shell scheme framework and sweep round the corners of the booth to give an uninterrupted and continuous image. Feet are also available for using it as a free standing unit, giving ultimate flexibility between venues.

The Curvorama was developed to improve on traditional graphics panels, pop-ups and roller banner systems.

  • Compact and Easily Transportable – packs away much smaller than its competitors and can be stowed away in cabin spaces (depending on airline specs)
  • Light – weighing between 11 and 15kg, it’s half the weight of the traditional comparable pop up stand
  • Easy Installation – ergonomic design means installation is easy and no tools are required for set up
  • Increased Floor Space – while pop up stands are bulky and require a large amount of floor space, the Curvorama is slim and gives you more room on the stand for other items
  • Flexible – flexible graphics panels means you can either have curved stands, flat stands, graphics mounted onto shell scheme stands, or just plain free standing graphics
  • Versatile – panels can be added in, taken away or swapped out, meaning your design need not date
  • Reusable – at the end of the show simply unclip your graphics and roll them up to use again next time

I suppose what we should say is that the Curvorama doesn’t quite match up when placed against a custom built stand, but don’t let that deter you.

If you build your exhibition strategy on small trade fairs coupled with one big show, then the Curvorama will do nicely for the smaller shows and you’ll have a nice big budget stocked up for the big show. The Curvorma would be amazing for displaying your business logo and name. It’s big enough to catch the eye of many different people, hopefully encouraging them over to your stand. At the stand, employees should really be wearing custom branded promotional clothing with the business name on there somewhere. This will be much better for visitors who might want to enquire with a member of staff. Hopefully, the Curvorma and branded clothing will be able to draw more people over to the stand.

Want to know more about the product? Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to review whether it will work for your requirement.

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