World Cup 2018 – Which Brand is Crowned Winner?

Published June 22, 2018
Last Updated June 22, 2020
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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is well underway in Russia, as are some brilliantly authentic marketing campaigns designed for the tournament.

Some may argue the marketing activity has been subdued in Russia. This is due to a few brands actively choosing to steer clear of the tournament (due to association concerns).

However, the seemingly barren activity at the tournament poses an opportunity for the remaining brands that decided to brave the harsh marketing landscape. After-all, the World Cup is arguably one of the world’s most watched sporting events and this year there is still plenty of marketing gold on display.

So, with that in mind, check out five of the best 2018 FIFA World Cup marketing campaigns;

  1. BBC Sport – FIFA World Cup 2018 Launch Trailer

    One of our favourite campaigns this year comes from the BBC.

    Released in time for the launch of the 2018 World Cup is this visual masterpiece of a trailer, highlighting some of the world’s best footballers set to feature in this year’s tournament.

    Planning a film based on animated Russian-styled tapestry may seem like a nightmare project for some, but not so for young animator Nicos Livesey. Nicos first became entranced by embroidery when he was only 12. Years later, this video, described as a “passion project” by Nicos was one of 68 proposals put ahead of the BBC Creative’s creative directors.

    We’re pleased to see that the project was accepted, and has since turned into this brilliantly artistic film. In addition, a seven-metre long tapestry is set to be displayed at a UK museum to commemorate the piece.

    The amount of detail in this work of art is staggering to say the least. It’s documented to have taken the creators 6 months and 600 separate tapestries to eventually bring the trailer to life.

    Great work from Nicos and the BBC.

  2. Lidl – Dream Big with Lidl

    In a move to make themselves the official supermarket sponsor of the England team, Lidl have launched their campaign – #DreamBigWithLidl.

    Fronting the campaign is a one minute video which pits some of the England stars against kids in a series of light-hearted sketches.

    The advert does a great job of showing some of the players’ personalities alongside their charming child counterparts. The humorous spin also achieves its goal of creating a feel-good factor for its viewers, helping to lift some of the pressure that the media, fans and tournament itself can present at a World Cup.

    Lidl do all of this while promoting the fact that they have helped create 3 million opportunities for 5-11 year olds to participate in grassroots football across the UK.

    This ad certainly gets us in the spirit – c’mon England!

  3. Budweiser – Light Up The World Cup

    Drones have had their fair share of advertising lime-light recently, with Time Magazine’s amazing drone-filled campaign last month. Now, Budweiser has chosen to present a fleet of them as delivery drivers in their visually epic World Cup campaign.

    In the ad, drones are used to deliver bottles of ‘Bud’ from a Budweiser brewery straight to various World Cup spectators across the globe. A concept that we’re well on board with!

    This isn’t the only use of artificial intelligence in Budweiser’s World Cup campaign either. In the UK, the ‘Bud Bot’ was released to help augment the fan experience for the tournament. From providing a platform for viewers to vote on man of the match performances to offering home deliveries of Bud, the ‘Bud Bot’ has almost become the official AI sponsor of this year’s World Cup.

    We can only hope that one day, drones will deliver beer to us!

  4. Visa – #PayLikeZlatan

    If there’s one footballing personality that can inject some life into your marketing campaign, it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    With Visa being official sponsors of the 2018 World Cup they needed to ensure their presence was noticed on the big stage. It’s safe to say Visa have got this appointment spot on.

    The first ad, launched prior to the tournament, welcomes Zlatan to the Visa family. In this short film, Zlatan, ego-driven as ever, replaces the ‘S’ in Visa with a ‘Z’ to mirror that of his name in a shirt signing conference.

    Since then, a series of ads have been released reinforcing Zlatan as the face of Visa. We think they’re good fun, but like Marmite, we expect some may disagree.

  5. Adidas – Create the Answer

    Finally, we have Adidas, with the most star-studded advert to feature at this year’s tournament.

    Adidas always do well to create atmospheric and energetic campaigns through music, lighting and pacing choices – and this is no different.

    Both sports stars and musicians take part in this fast paced, visually appealing video that does so well in creating a buzz for the tournament. It’s reported that Adidas have called upon 56 different stars to feature in the ad, can you spot them all?

So, what have you made of the 2018 FIFA World Cup marketing campaigns that have featured so far?

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