Jask Creative has long been one of Birmingham’s leading branding agencies. Our team are experts in creating both completely new brand identities, as well as brand extensions that build on your existing logo and brand to really push forward your brand and positioning.

Our whole team is dedicated to helping businesses like yours stand out from the competition, build a strong brand identity, and connect with your target audience. Blending clear thinking that attaches a visual representation of your wider business strategy with use graphic developments, we will arm you with a brand toolkit designed to enable the consistent application of your brand.

With over 20 years of experience of being a branding agency in Birmingham, we’ve refined our approach to to branding to create a process that produces great results and doesn’t cut corners, but stays efficient and cost effective. We have a number of distinct stages in our branding process, which are:

Stage 1 – Brand Insight

At this stage we will arrange a discovery meeting with you to understand the objectives and viewpoints of your stakeholders and to agree with you the extent of the project, as well as what’s OK to consider and what’s off-limits. We’ll look at audience, competitor & trends research and conduct a brand audit of your existing materials and touchpoints. 

Stage 2 – Project Planning

We will work to collate findings from the insight stage to inform the strategy, define what underpins the brand story, and create a plan for how the project will run. We’ll look here to work with your timescales and any particular company events that the project needs to tie into and plan the rollout of the brand. 

Stage 3 – Creative Design

Our design process involves us exploring potential creative routes and visual frameworks, before moving on to brand applications covering both online and offline applications. Initial creative will be presented to stakeholders with us then moving on to refine concepts. Based on feedback we will work to finalise the chosen design language and establish the new visual identity.

Stage 4 – Brand Delivery

Following signoff, we will create a recognisable brand toolkit including typefaces, colour palette, imagery style and wider brand elements. A Brand Guidelines document will then ensure a coherent, on-brand experience across all touchpoints. If any assets are to be designed in the new brand style then this will be done at this stage, along with anything needed for the brand launch.

Stage 5 – Brand Rollout

Once created we can offer a range of services to help out with the rollout of your updated brand, whether this be ongoing asset development, photography and video, website development, or the production of new print and promotional products.

Our branding projects normally begin with an informal chat, so we’d love to hear from you if you’re considering a full brand update, or a brand refresh either now or in the future.