Published January 18, 2023

Jask Launch WP Plus+

WordPress Websites… but better!

As a team, we’ve long had a big problem with the way WordPress websites are built – security issues, slow loading times and poor user experience are common themes. So, we decided to create a solution!

Welcome to WP Plus+, a new and enhanced website solution for organisations that need a professional website that really performs for them, all the time.

What is WP Plus+?

We’ve created an approach to designing and building WordPress sites that’s distinctly better from how this type of website would normally be produced. Our approach covers the creative, user experience, development, hosting, and ongoing support of websites.

WP Plus+ takes WordPress websites to the best standard they can be and is the ideal choice for market leaders and ambitious businesses looking for a premium website solution that retains much of the backend familiarity and ease of use that makes WordPress such a popular option.

Did you know!!
61% of WordPress hacks are on sites running an outdated version

What makes WP Plus+ a premium option?

This service is built from years of experience with Jask’s expert inhouse team solving common technical issues that businesses using standard WordPress websites regularly face. Common issues include websites built with limited design and UX input, badly coded sites that are then difficult to maintain, sites that are built from restrictive templates or ‘page builders’, those that rely on the use of multiple plug-ins, inadequate hosting setups, and a host of other poor practices.

WP Plus+ websites are custom designed from the ground up, and then hand coded by Jask Creative’s in-house team of skilled developers, meaning they are fully secure, incredibly quick to load, and come with a guaranteed 99.9% up time. Updating the website is also a joy through a refined and simplified CMS.

Once launched, WP Plus+ websites are fully managed and supported by Jask Creative’s in house technical team and are hosted on a bespoke environment that is tailored to each website. This eliminates the need for inferior 3rd party hosting, cutting out on a range of common problems, while increasing the speed and security of the site further. Also ensuring future changes can be made to the website quickly and hassle free.

Did you know!!
52% of WordPress hacks are caused by poorly coded and unpatched plugins

Why should your business opt for WP Plus+?

This new service offers businesses the advantage of having an expert creative team work side-by-side with a highly skilled development team all under the same roof. This means the creative, UX and UI approach to a site will work seamlessly with back-end technicalities – a common problem when separate teams come together to work on the front end and the back end of a website.

There are no restrictive web templates or template builders involved in WP Plus+ sites, allowing Jask’s team of experts to code your website to fit perfectly with your requirements.

WP Plus+ websites are bespoke, lightning fast, fully secure, a joy to update and future-proof, meaning they can grow with your business.

Fully managed, supported and hosted by Jask Creative, a WP Plus+ site means you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge your website is in good hands. And if you ever need support, our team are just a phone call away.

For more information on our new WP Plus+ service take a look here.