Print Management: What Exactly Is It?

Published October 25, 2018
Last Updated January 22, 2020
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It’s been over 16 years since we first became specialists in print management.

During that time, we’ve seen the marketing industry – and ourselves – change quite a bit. However, whilst we’ve grown and developed as an agency, print management has always been at the crux of what we do. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you?

The phrase ‘print management’ itself is used in various contexts. So we’ll make it simple. In the world of marketing, print management is the action of managing the entire process of print; from purchasing, proofing and finishing to stocking and distribution.

Printing isn’t as straightforward as it once was – in modern times, many people tend to search for “printing shops near me” or use their smartphones and home printer to get the job done faster. In some cases, they are often faced with a variety of different forms and types. These can generally be categorized as:

  • Traditional print items, such as posters, brochures, catalogues and business stationery (letterheads and business cards, for example)
  • Promo items, such as pens, mugs, coasters, logo bugs, notepads, stress-reliever toys and chocolates

Because it comes in lots of different forms, you can imagine why managing your print products internally can be time intensive and costly. This is one of the many reasons why businesses choose to outsource the management of their print.

After-all, handing the burden over to someone else with a higher level of knowledge can be a sure way to achieve peace of mind and ultimately – a better end product.

Here’s why…

Outsourcing print management

Don’t get us wrong – it’s easy to understand why internalising your print management possibly seems a more tempting route to take. As the old adage states; if you want something done right, do it yourself. However, this is one instance in which that statement absolutely does not apply.

Firstly, on the surface it may look like it scores on ease, but what you may not realise is you are likely to be losing out on efficiency, cost and time.

In reality, many businesses lack the knowledge, know-how, and time to develop an internal infrastructure to physically manage the purchasing. Or they may not have the need to have a dedicated print specialist in-house, meaning the crucial knowledge never enters the business.

For example, if you run a business in California, outsourcing your printing requirements (such as booklets, invitations, posters, etc.) to companies like Same Day Printing Los Angeles can effectively ‘tie up’ these loose ends and streamline the whole process. That said, a print management company has a thorough understanding of print materials, folds and sizes, paper types, and optimum print quantities, which results in considerable savings per unit, and also keeps brand consistency and quality in line.


Knowledge is…

Because it’s their area of expertise, print management companies will have a large scope of knowledge up their sleeves.

This in-turn paves the way to delivering cost-effective print products. They’ll know what works and what doesn’t; who’s best suited to your requests and how to save you time and money where necessary.

Similarly, they’ll also be well-accustomed to the terminology. For example, being faced with terms such as ‘web press‘, ‘Scodix digital print‘, ‘thermography‘ or even ‘B1 printer’ is commonplace within print management companies.

Possessing that kind of know-how is the nucleus to all of the benefits that come with outsourcing. So, instead of feeling like you’re stabbing in the dark, you can have the peace of mind knowing it’s all being dealt with in the right way.

Our Print and Planning Executive, Daisy Roberts, has an intrinsic love for all-things print. On the importance of print management, she said;

Amy Goodwin Graphic Designer

Without a doubt, one of the best things about outsourcing your print management is efficiency. Simply knowing your requests are being dealt with by people who know what they’re doing is important. 

All of the things that make outsourcing worth it – saving time, money, streamlining the whole process – is on account of not just knowing how to do it, but in knowing how to do it well.

Daisy also had the pleasure of attending The Print Show this year. Aside from learning about the latest developments in the print world, she also appreciated walking in and immediately noticing the unmistakable smell of print products!

Generally, the reality of an internal print management system may be surprising to some. For starters, businesses may be burdening themselves with unnecessary costs without even realising it. On top of that, how can you be sure you’re actually making the right decisions?

And that’s just merely scratching the surface of the issues you may be running into.

Need help with your print management? Our team is here to help! Get in touch today here.