National Express

Capturing commutes

The Challenge

As the major bus operator in the West Midlands and one of the largest in the UK, National Express buses cater to a wide and culturally diverse audience. Jask were commissioned to capture a bank of lifestyle imagery that both represented this audience and aligned with their brand values of warmth and care.

The Process

The shoot was designed to capture people enjoying their travel experience with an authentic feel, avoiding the overly staged feel of stock imagery. To achieve the desired aesthetic, our team sourced 6 suitable models to fit the roles of every day bus users. Seniors, Business Commuters, Students & Children were all represented, with a focus on ‘every-day looking’ people, diverse across cultures, genders, disabilities and age.

We created a detailed shot list and secured suitable clothing, accessories and props to set up a wide variety of scenes for each model. Each scenario needed to represent typical customers, doing typical things, including daily commutes, shopping and leisure trips, school travel, and more.

Company Overview

National Express

A subsidiary of the British multinational public transport company Mobico Group, National Express is an intercity and inter-regional coach and bus operator.


Transport & travel

Company Size

40,000 plus employees

What we provided

The Results

Working closely alongside the team at National Express post shoot, we carefully selected the images for editing, ensuring each scenario had enough variety to allow flexibility for future usage. In total we delivered a suite of 70 stand out images for use across multiple campaigns and channels spanning web, social media and advertising.


Our clients love what we do!

What a shoot, so many great shots to pick from! Great feedback from the team already, I can’t wait to start using them in our campaigns, thanks guys!

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