MacDermid Alpha

Merging CGI with reality

The Challenge

To support global marketing activity, MacDermid Alpha approached us to create a suite of images to be used across a wide range of channels. Our work covered three primary market areas: Electric Vehicles, Interior Displays and PCBs.

The brief involved creating images that could accurately represent their key interior display product in a visually compelling manner to a predominantly technical audience.

The Process

Our first task was to find the perfect location – a high tech office space with a design studio. It’s never easy to find something so niche, but after extensive research and a site visit, we successfully secured the perfect venue.

The next step was deciding how to tackle the key product hero shot. To achieve the desired effect, we used a combination of photography and CGI to enable us to use a ‘real’ scenario with CGI overlays that showed imagery that would not be possible to capture using photography alone.

Company Overview

MacDermid Alpha

MacDermid Alpha is a global leader in the the supply of products that power electronics interconnection for a range of markets including computing, automotive, medical and military.



What we provided

The Results

Following extensive testing, we managed to create scenarios using tangible objects within the hero shot, enabling us to maximise the realness of the image, and minimise the time needed for CGI.

Following the shoot we edited and supplied MacDermid Alpha with a versatile bank of imagery, ready to be used effectively in a flexible manner across multiple channels and markets.


Our clients love what we do!

The Jask team went above and beyond to ensure that they fully understood the ultimate objectives and target outcomes for our project. As a result, they produced presentations and videos which clearly articulated our growth strategy to our investors, and aligned with our corporate brand. Because of the high quality of the materials, we have been able to further leverage the content in important customer and employee communications and expect them to form the basis of our key presentations in the future.

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