Brilliantly Visual

Working alongside our developers, our in-house creative team will not only make your site look great, but will design it with real users in mind. Blending UX best practices with UI and standout creative, our multi-skilled digital creatives know how to make that visual difference really work.

The importance of UI Design

UI design is the process of creating web page layouts that make sense for your users and are easy and intuitive to interact with. This means looking at all the elements that make up a page, such as buttons, text, the colours used, and how the site will work for a user across a range of different devices.

UX Design specialists

UX design focuses on the overall page design and how the whole experience feels to users. Here we consider designs, animations, and other on-page interactions that work together to make a page pleasurable to be on and to interact with. Much of the benefit from this process is removing ‘friction points’ for users, in order to want to stay on your site and to encourage them to follow a journey through your website.