Published April 9, 2024

Start sketching. It helps the creative process.

As the old saying goes, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Or in this case “The pencil is mightier than the abundance of design tools now at our disposal”. Or at least for idea generation, it can be.

The creative process has evolved massively, but sketching remains a crucial part of it.

Concepts often start life as a sketch, before becoming a reality

Technological advancements in graphic design software have been astonishing, and now with the augmentation of AI tools into design programmes, our old friend the pencil can seem like a relic, consigned to the back of the draw, gathering dust with its trusty companion the sketch pad.

In the creative space, however, keeping the idea process free and easy is crucial. So sharpen your pencils (or take the lid off your Sharpie), dust off your sketch pads and start drawing. It is as important for the modern-day designer as it was years ago.

Here’s why sketching still holds a critical place in the creative journey:
  • Sketching is Unrestricted Creativity

    Sketching by hand provides the freedom to explore ideas without the constraints of digital tools, proving especially beneficial for logo creation, storyboarding, and advertising. It supports the evolution of ideas from their inception to the finished product.
  • Sketching is Efficient

    The act of translating ideas onto paper with a pencil is significantly faster than mocking up concepts with design software, only to realise the concept doesn’t work. Sketching also allows you to engage clients early on in the creative process, ensuring they grasp the direction and concept of your projects from start to finish.
  • Sketching Offers Versatility

    Sketching doesn’t confine you, and it doesn’t require exceptional artistic skills to be effective. It offers a versatile medium to express concepts, draft layouts, or even craft pitch presentations. Whether your sketches are simple doodles, or complex drawings, as long as they convey an idea or can be explained, they serve their purpose.
  • Sketching Enhances Creative Thinking

    Stepping away from the screen and engaging in sketching sharpens your creative skills and allows ideas to flow freely, refreshing your vision.

For us as a creative agency, sketching is intertwined with all aspects of our work, whether digital or traditional.

We would encourage all creatives to pick up a pencil and sketch pad from time to time. You never know, you may just surprise yourself.

Let us know your thoughts on sketching by dropping us a line.