Published March 18, 2022

Why should you consider a DAM?

Are your files and assets spread far and wide? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to consider a DAM (Digital Asset Management).

Many companies end up with images, logos, documents, videos, etc. stored on different PCs, backup drives and on various cloud platforms. While hard to navigate, this is usually OK until THAT person who knows where things are leaves or is off sick. Or maybe you are that person, and feel like most of your day is spent sending people assets and files they need!

That’s why a DAM system is an important tool for marketing departments.

An effective DAM provides a platform ready for you to centralise your assets. A platform that can stop requests for your logo, ‘that image of that thing’ or ‘the latest presentation’ – ultimately saving significant amounts of time for everyone involved.

Get yourself set up right.

Many DAM solutions can be overly complicated and expensive to implement. However this doesn’t need to be the case. Consider what you actually want a system for, which is normally to house assets in a simple to access fashion. The correct system should then be something that does this well, and is simple and easy to use by everyone.

In tailoring a system to your business, we recommend considering:

  • Access Levels: Set up suitable access levels so users can only access assets relevant to them
  • User Experience: This one is key. Make it simple to navigate or it will not be used! Organise your assets logically into categories and folders that make sense to your users
  • Branding: Design the DAM in your brand style to create a familiar on-brand experience for users
  • Asset Tagging: Tag your assets with relevant keywords, so that a simple search will display the assets required
  • Audit Trail: Keep a record of who’s downloaded what, and when they downloaded it
  • Cloud Based: A cloud based solution means no new software to implement and anyone can use it anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Security: Ensure HTTPS and SSL protection to keep your assets secure
  • Future Proofing: Making sure storage capacity is scalable as your business grows and that new users can be added at no additional cost to save your costs spiralling in the future

The right DAM really can be a welcome relief, saving you time and improving marketing efficiency. The key is in selecting one that’s right for you and your business.

If you’d like to discuss how our DAM solution could work for your business, please get in touch.

Our DAM solution is cost-effective, fast to implement and simple to manage. And the best bit? We’ll set it up for you!

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our client said…

The DAM Jask created is such a welcome relief. All of our assets are stored logically, making the tracking down of logos, images or documents so much easier and quicker for everyone.

We had an existing DAM that just wasn’t getting used, it was overly complicated and highly-priced. Jask was able to create a new solution for us, that really works. This is a DAM that can be used by everyone, it’s simple, intuitive, and easy to manage.

As for Jask, they were a pleasure to work with, they made the process straightforward and pain-free.