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A more flexible website

The Challenge

As industry leaders with over 50 years’ experience in building premium homes, Piper Homes were looking to refresh their website and accommodate for their ever-expanding property portfolio. Piper Homes approached us with the challenge of creating a brand new website. It needed to support their continually growing developments section whilst ensuring it had a contemporary and luxurious feel. This required a more flexible website that could be easily updated in-house whilst also ensuring a smooth user experience that leads to enquiries and sales.

The Solution

The first step was to extensively plan and design each key touchpoint. This meant extra care was taken in every aspect of the site that would drive the engagement with the user. After extensive research into Piper Homes and their customers, it was decided that the homepage needed to become a brand statement. Furthermore, it needed to act as the focal navigational point to each development page, to ease the user’s journey.

The homepage was to be efficient-to-use where each section would be specifically dedicated to the individual user’s potential stage of the customer journey. The page was to feature several entry points for users to access specific development pages. Adding interactive elements ensured the site was engaging and responsive to different needs. Therefore it was decided that users would be able to choose whether they searched for properties using either a navigation bar, an interactive map or by individually viewing the wide variety of developments Piper Homes have to offer.

Piper Homes’ customers were at the forefront of planning, designing and building the website. Every element of the site ensured interactivity and ease-of-use. This required designing individual development pages and creating dedicated colour palettes for each development. It was also decided that the site had to be fully responsive as our research showed that a considerable amount of interaction took place on mobile devices.

Company Overview

Piper Homes

With over 50 years in the business, Piper Homes build quality new homes across the Midlands region.



What we provided

The Results

The newly designed and developed website is streamlined and contemporary, perfectly showcasing all of Piper Homes’ unique and luxurious properties. Interactivity and inclusivity runs throughout the webpage, ensuring the users journey is quick and efficient.

The site has become more flexible and conversion-driven allowing users to view and request further details or enquire about newly-added developments. It can also be updated in-house by Piper Homes as required, whenever a new premium development has become available to their customers.
To view the live website, click here.

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