Rounders England

A website for the sport

The Challenge

Building on their popular message, #WeAreAllRounders, Rounders England were looking to refresh their online brand profile and increase digital engagement with the ultimate goal to drive membership numbers.

In need of a new website, Rounders England approached us to rethink the user journey and deliver an engaging, resource rich website that also integrated an eCommerce platform.

The goal was to increase the number of players across each region, boost membership, and draw attention towards their equipment offerings.

The Solution

The first step was to create a fresh, new website that encompassed the essence of the sport and Rounders England as a brand. Central to the website experience was the brand’s profiling as an inclusive, positive, joyful sport. To serve the different stakeholders whilst maintaining the same brand feel, main areas of the website were designed with each specific user group in mind. The key feature of the homepage welcomes the user to a team search element, which enables them to find teams within a selected region.

In addition, the site was designed around four key actions Rounders England want users to take – to play, learn, join and/or shop. Engagement was at the forefront of the site design, encouraging users to interact by browsing resources, buying equipment and finding out about how to get involved. A new and improved members area was also added to the site which allows players to access a hub of learning toolkits. For the visuals, bespoke professional photography and videography were needed to reinforce the inclusivity message throughout the website. Photoshoots and video shoots took place at local team games to portray the realistic and inclusive nature of rounders as a sport.

The assets supported the site’s user journey giving it a refreshed and contemporary look whilst still incorporating the core message; inclusivity. The captured visuals included a mixture of races, ages and genders to reflect that rounders is a sport for all. After extensive research into location and interest targeting, a four-week summer Facebook campaign was created in conjunction with the launch of the new website. The social media campaign was designed to promote awareness, focusing on the end goal of people joining local clubs, or creating them if they did not currently exist in their area. The campaign ran across the summer; a peak time for the sport.

Company Overview

Rounders England

Rounders England is a non-profit sport’s national governing body (NGB) in England.



What we provided

The Results

The newly designed website has provided a new lifeline for the brand, a more engaging experience and has been brought up-to-date with the best practice in user experience and web development. Shortly after the launch of the website, bounce rates had dropped and the amount of individual page views had increased.

The Facebook campaign was a huge success, gaining almost 7,000 clicks, over 780,000 impressions and reaching over 360,000 individuals across a four-week period. Plans for additional Facebook campaigns have since been discussed to achieve additional objectives. Both the website and summer campaign have successfully connected new players to the sport, creating a bright, new, inclusive future for Rounders England. To view the live website, click here.

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