The Best Adverts of ‘Super Bowl LII’

Published February 6, 2018
Last Updated January 22, 2020
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Last Sunday, the most anticipated broadcasting event in America (and the most expensive advertising event in the world) aired – Super Bowl LII.

This year, the price of a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl has topped $5 million. A mammoth expense. Not to mention the additional costs of teasers in the run-up to the game and the management of the campaign itself.

Yet, brands see the worth behind these spots and with a guaranteed audience of over 100 million viewers, you can see why.

So, with the money put behind these campaigns, audiences are presented some of the most creative adverts brands have to offer.

Below are our top 5 ads to feature in the 2018 Super Bowl.

  1. This is the Pepsi: A 1992 Throwback

    Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson are just some of the references Pepsi proudly parades in its Super Bowl campaign; “This is the Pepsi”. Releasing a 30-second cut during the halftime period, the ad is a celebration of some of the brand’s most notable advertising moments.

    Pepsi is no stranger to using celebrity endorsement – it’s one of its biggest and longest standing tools – so it only seems fitting for its new ad to hone in on all the influential figures of its past.

    The campaign’s aim isn’t just to display its previous advertising successes – although that’s one if its components, for sure – but its core messaging seeks to maximise a message that’s really always been there: Pepsi is for each and everyone.

  2. Groupon: Who Wouldn’t?

    After the release of Girls Trip last year, Tiffany Haddish quickly became one of America’s favourite personalities. Groupon have chosen her to front their Super Bowl campaign in a bid to explore the brand’s wider values.

    Instead of focusing on the brand’s offers and everyday savings, they’ve plucked one of its core values – its support of the local marketplace.

    Tiffany Haddish is the perfect fit for the campaign; her charm and trademark humour providing the perfect combination for a fun and entertaining ad.

  3. Does this make every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad?

    If there’s one way to amusingly and effectively poke fun at the predictability of ads, this is it.

    Laundry detergent brand Tide has released a series of short clips, each starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour.

    Tide’s campaign provides for a refreshing entry in the Super Bowl advertising game, simultaneously satirising generic ad conventions and maximising celebrity endorsement off the back of the success of Stranger Things.

    The result is a concept that’s self-aware, quirky, and let’s face it – funny.

  4. Skittles – Most Exclusive Super Bowl Ad Ever!

    Skittles seems like an ever-present brand at the Super Bowl after making our list in last year’s rundown of the best adverts.

    This year they make the list again, but for an entirely different reason. The brand, with the help of ad agency DDB, decided to show their annual Super Bowl entry to only one single person and air their reaction instead.

    The 60-second ad was played to Marcos Menendez, a teenager from California. His reaction was live streamed on the Skittles Facebook page throughout the game. Additionally, the candy brand released a documentary-style piece of content that was released following the conclusion of Super Bowl LII.

    Marcos was selected as the sole viewer for his real-life dedication to Skittles. Of course, as soon as this decision was revealed, thousands flocked across social media, including the likes of previous Super Bowl winner, Marshawn Lynch.

    Whilst the Skittles Facebook live steam didn’t necessarily excel, the success of this campaign lies with the initial creative concept and the buzz generated in the run-up to the game.

  5. Danny DeVito and the Red M&M

    “Danny DeVito was the perfect human match”, says M&M’s brand director Allison Maizga-Bedrick when talking about the choice to cast DeVito as their witty red M&M.

    In the past, M&M has been notorious for occasionally venturing into controversial ground when it comes to the content of its adverts. For starters, you might remember one of their most well-known ads where a couple partly-unwittingly “shares” their bed with an M&M.

    In their Super Bowl ad, however, they’ve taken the personification of their M&Ms even further by transforming their famous red M&M into a human figure.

    The reception has been widely positive, some even stating that the casting of Danny DeVito has been the best choice since Morgan Freeman was God.

What do you think of our top-rated adverts for this year’s Super Bowl?

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