Mobile Websites: Go Mobile or Go Home

Published May 16, 2014
Last Updated February 12, 2019
Jask Creative

For a long time marketing has been largely about above-the-line methods, including the likes of big show stopping TV commercials, big draw-your-eyes-away-from-the-road-in-a-quite-dangerous-fashion outdoor advertisement campaigns (we’re looking at you, big dazzlingly lit advertisement tower on the M5), big mass direct mailshots, big radio commercial campaigns, all of which are put out on a big geographical scale to hit your target audience, which is also big.

The keyword there was big, which I’m sure you’ll have picked up. However, we must not forget the small mobile websites. It may not have the presence of your big promotional campaigns, but that doesn’t mean its value is diminished, far from it.

You see, since the introduction of the smartphone way back in 2007 with Apple’s iPhone offering, smartphones have grown year on year to become the basic standard and the norm for people to have in their pockets. To have access to the internet at the ready is no longer just for the mobile savvy but for anybody and everybody, and like a virus it is spreading fast (I know this because even my dear old mother, not the most technically gifted of people, needs to be on Facebook every minute of the hour on her phone!).

Mashable’s Lauren Indvik has even dug the numbers out to support this, as she says “Mobile traffic currently makes up 10% of global Internet traffic” and “next year more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Gartner. Purchases made on mobile devices amounted to $6.7 billion in the U.S. last year, or about 8% of total online sales, and are expected to nearly double to $11.6 billion this year. By 2015, U.S. mobile sales are forecast to reach $31 billion.” Lauren Indvik, Mashable Associate Business Editor. (See more of her posts here)

For businesses, this means the thousands of pounds spent on your promotional campaign shouldn’t hang on waiting for people to switch the PC on or visit your premises. Buying habits are changing so losing out on the sale because of a poor web design or even a non-existent presence is near enough a sin in the smart marketer’s handbook.

Think about it. How often have you been sat with smartphone in hand, wanting to make a purchase or access some further information, only to find your would-be seller has a poor mobile website that you can’t work out, can’t find your product on and frustrates you beyond belief? You went to away to find someone else who offered the same product, didn’t you?

Now think about how your customers feel when they come to you through their mobile. Not a pretty site, right? (See what I did there?)

Your mobile site speaks volumes. It needs to be dedicated, which means having all your information, all your products, services, and contact details squeezed into one easy-to-use and beautifully presented bite-sized portion. You need to make sure that your payment platform is flawless and works well with what is available, which means using resources such as to ensure your services are being received well. A few other factors that make or break your mobile website include:

  • Navigation – how easy is it to get to where you need to go.
  • eCommerce – can you buy straight from the site? Limit the steps as the route to purchase is often fraught with obstacles! You may want to alter your FastSpring page to make that work with your mobile site.
  • Functionality – does it retain the functions your website offers, e.g. search boxes, multiple product views and pages etc.
  • Simplicity – your mobile website should be clear, concise and easy to use. Nobody wants to zoom in on miniscule text then scroll around the page only to find they were on the wrong page anyway.

So there we have it, our take on what you should be doing to increase your presence, maximise your sales opportunities and in essence not deter anybody from garnering bad feelings about you in general.

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