Clearwater International

A global brand & website

The Challenge

Clearwater approached us to refresh their brand identity to help reflect their values and then also to completely redesign and rebuild their multi-lingual website to better serve their international market.

The Solution

With multiple teams operating in different Countries, the first step was to pull stakeholders from each Country together for a discovery day to ensure we took on board all opinions. Compiling research supplied to us, our own desk research, as well as opinions and directions taken from the discovery day, we finalised the brief and timeline for the project.

The key to Clearwater’s brand identity was striking a balance between the personable nature of the business and the professionalism needed to instil confidence in clients. Conducting multiple photo and video shoots across various locations, we were able to capture the people behind the business. Leading with imagery of warm and approachable individuals helps to convey the approachable nature of the business, while balancing this with a professional branding style resulted in a unique identity that projects both approachability and professional commitment.

Carrying this personality onto the website, the site features location-specific videos and bespoke photography throughout. Careful consideration was given to the user experience, with thorough research carried out into the analytics data and existing user journey.

With content regularly updated across the website, a key aspect of the new site was an intuitive way to handle the multiple translations required. In consultation with Clearwater, we crafted a customised backend system that auto-translates key sections and information, while allowing for manual translations in other areas. With the ability to group and tag content across the site, content only needs to be input once, but can be pulled across to multiple areas on the front end of the site. As the website contains a huge amount of data, performance optimisation was critical to ensure fast loading times. By performance profiling and the utilisation of a Content Delivery Network we ensure that the website performs consistently at key edge locations around the world.

Company Overview

Clearwater International

Clearwater International is an independent global corporate finance house.



What we provided

The Results


The refreshed brand identity uniquely portrays the values within the business. Through the development of a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, we have helped create consistency across all locations while allowing the business enough flexibility to adapt where needed across the territories they operate in.

With a refined and engaging user experience, the new website not only reflects the values of the business, but also provides easier access to valuable content. The streamlined backend of the site has made the process of updating and translating content on the site a fluid, intuitive and much quicker process.

Our clients love what we do!

Having commissioned Jask to pull our brand together and build a new multi-lingual website to better serve our International market, we are really pleased with the result. Delivering the project on time and on brief, our new brand identity gives a consistent feel across all our comms, while the website has received fantastic feedback and has made the process of updating and translating content on the site a fluid and intuitive process.

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