CreativeEye – August ’17 Edition

Published August 18, 2017
Last Updated October 29, 2019
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CreativeEye: August ’17 Edition. Many many many creative marketing masterpieces!

August tends to be a quieter month with summer holidays in full swing. However, marketers worldwide are still cracking away and August has given us plenty of creative marketing masterstrokes and amazing stories.

On product design, McDonald’s Canada created a boombox made from their own recyclable drinks trays. Handy for picnics, bring it to UK please!

Love Usain Bolt? If so check out Virgin celebrating “Lightning Bolt” as he ran his final races at the London World Championships.

If gaming is your bag, Nintendo’s Mario Kart could soon be coming to you virtually with a look at how it could work in a VR world.

All this and more below!

  1. The McDonald’s Boombox

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Forgotten your portable speaker? Don’t worry, grab a McDonald’s and they’ll give you one for free with their ingenious limited edition drinks tray.

    Created by McDonald’s Canada to celebrate the McFlurry’s 22nd Birthday, the fast food giants partnered up with University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group and industrial designers Stacklab to create this boombox out of cardboard which you can slot your smartphone into. Amazingly, the boombox could magnify your smartphone volume by 101 per cent!

    Sadly, the portable speaker was available for one day event in Toronto only. McDonald’s UK, are you listening?

  2. Coca-Cola – A Bottle Love Story

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    We love a good stop motion advert, and Coca-Cola have created a brilliant one here with their ‘A Bottle Love Story’.

    Using nothing but recycled bottles and materials, Coca-Cola have shown just what recycling can do through this journey story of Fanta Meets Coca-Cola.

    Brilliant creativity, and the way Coca-Cola execs and the creative team actually made the video is worth a watch too, see it from AdWeek’s article.

  3. ASOS – Visual Search

    creative marketing Jask Creative Solihull

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Want to look like this dapper pair? ASOS can help with that.

    Visual searching is now available on ASOS’s iOS app. The function allows you to use photos to search for items of clothing, whether that’s from your pictures in your gallery or from the in-app camera straight away.

    Simply zoom into the item you want and ASOS will throw up some similar looking ones from its catalogue. Handy stuff!

  4. BBC Sport – Rebrand and New Font

    creative marketing Jask Creative Solihull

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    BBC Sport made some slight changes at the start of August – did you notice?

    Timed to launch with the start of the new football season, a new brand identity came out for BBC Sport. It is also the first time in seven years where an update has been made to the brand guidelines.

    Of course, this change is in reaction to the way audiences are now consuming BBC Sport’s content, which is more and more on digital platforms. To that end, a new font, created by the BBC itself, has now been introduced. This should help with being clearer to read, and save the BBC money through not having to pay license fees for their legacy fonts.

  5. Virtual Displays – Get beer from a CG woman in a supermarket

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    We’ve blogged about these before, but Virtual Displays/Virtual Assistants will soon be the next big thing in POS marketing.

    So far, there haven’t been widespread use of them in the UK, but in Japan they are a hit. Above is an animated lady selling Asahi beer.

    The reasoning is simple. Why pay people to do in-store demonstrations when you can pre-record computer generated animations (or actors) to do the job for you? In the long run, they’ll end up costing a fraction of what it would using their human counterparts.

    Just make sure they don’t get hacked…could get quite embarrassing quite quickly…we’ll let you think of the possibilities.

  6. Hypnotic Moiré-Effect Vinyl Sleeves

    creative marketing Jask Creative Solihull

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Caution! You could be staring at this for days! Might also cause epilepsy…

    You could count on Matt to have submitted something like this – a lover of vinyls, retro, turntables and DJing. Spotted above is the limited edition UK version of Sonic Boom’s classic Spectrum LP on Silvertone from 1989. It comes with a circular, printed acetate ‘pinwheel’ attached via a central spindle that makes psychedelic waves when manually revolved.

    The effect is achieved by the moiré pattern effect. I won’t try and explain it, you can read about it here via DJ Food’s article on The Vinyl Factory.

  7. Facebook accidentally get us one step closer to The Terminator

    Spotted by: Phil Kean

    The robots will rise soon, following this terrifying news from Facebook…

    AI has been in the news recently, hitting the headlines with chatbots being used as marketing and sales vehicles for the likes of Dominos and big banks like Natwest and RBS.

    However, some terrifying news surfaced where Facebook shut down their AI experiment when it found that the bots they were using started developing their own languages.

    While we’re still probably quite far away from a robot rising…our advice is to start stocking rations a la I Am Legend style. And guns. Lots of guns. (Matrix, computers, get it?)

  8. Mario Kart gets a VR version

    Spotted by: James Davison

    Could Nintendo be about to break the Playstation/XBox stranglehold on the gaming industry?

    VR is becoming more and more popular, and Nintendo have just launched a trailer for an arcade-style first-person Mario Kart. It looks amazing!

    We’ve already seen another Nintendo franchise, Pokemon GO, grab the world with their AR-led game in 2016. Now Mario and co. are looking set to go further with VR.

    Of course, this story could only come from our Nintendo aficionado James Davison, and as Mario Kart is a favourite pastime of our lunch hours, we can’t wait for this to land.

  9. Usain Bolt retires to a Virgin Media fanfare – #ARunningLegend

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    The London 2017 IAAF World Championships represented the last time we’ll see Usain Bolt race competitively as he retired after the event.

    A sad day for all as the world record holder of both 100m and 200m sprint distances has delighted us for many years with his astonishing feats and amazing top speed.

    Virgin Media, for whom Bolt is an ambassador, celebrated his achievements with a virtual lap around London. Using projectionists to capture Bolt’s running style, the #ARunningLegend film shows Bolt running across London’s landmarks starting from Broxton recreation centre and culminating at City Hall.

  10. Honda UK – Civic Type R Personalised Material

    Spotted by: Luke Turner

    Luke is a big fan of cars and when this Honda UK Twitter campaign came out he just simply had to tell us about it.

    Using what looks like an external service, Honda will create personalised Civic Type R badges and for real car fans this is a hoot…who doesn’t want personalised stuff for their car, a la Anthony Joshua’s unique £90k Range Rover?

    It looks like there will be more of this personalised approach down the line too to really connect with Honda’s fans.

  11. LucidChart – Do you know the difference between Puppers, Doggos and Woofers?

    Spotted by: Kristiana Briede

    As creative marketing folks, have you ever been asked to produce a diagram? And then have you found that no builder will allow you to build the utterly non-sensical diagram you want?

    Yes? Well, in that case LucidChart could be for you.

    Our Digital Project Manager Kristiana spotted this hilarious video using their software to organise doggies, check it out and try and make some sense out of it…!

  12. Converse vs. Millie Bobby Brown GIFs Campaign

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    How do we target teenagers these days? What channels are they using? How do they communicate and influence each other?

    Well, Converse US are betting that it is social media and through visual, and so they’ve partnered up with Millie Bobby Brown, star of TV series Stranger Things, to launch a GIF campaign.

    ‘First Day Feels’ is a video based on what teens will feel on their first day back to school. It features Millie doing a variety of different emotions/reactions, which Converse have then turned into 32 separate GIFs for teenagers to express themselves with.

    Pretty clever, but could it possibly be too forced? Surely the best GIFs we use day to day come from memes and people’s spontaneous comedic genius?

And that’s it! A mammoth month of creativity marketing, kudos to all you creative folks out there.

Do you have a submission for us? Have we missed anything? If so let us know by tweeting us, or better yet just get in touch directly here!

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