CreativeEye: July ’18 Edition

Published July 23, 2018
Last Updated October 29, 2019
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We’ve been keeping an eye out for any creative campaigns which have grabbed our attention over the past few weeks. It’s safe to say that July has been a scorching month filled with some of the best and brightest campaigns.

Featuring this month is a range of different ads, campaigns and collaborative marketing for you to feast your creative eyes on.

This includes Tetley’s reinvention of the classic fruit squash, LADBible’s Trash Isle ‘spoof’ video and a clever print ad from Budweiser.

If you’re after a post-World Cup fix, don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! From Ikea’s brilliant reaction to the England vs. Sweden game to the #SameTeamJersey fundraising football kit.

Whatever your bag, this one has something for everyone!

  1. Tetley Super Squash Ad

    Spotted by: Rachel Fletcher

    When you think of Tetley, you think tea, right? Well, that might be about to change.

    Tetley has recently launched a brand new range of ‘Super Squash’ drinks, each boasting added health benefits with real fruit juice and vitamins.

    To promote the new juices, Tetley released a new ‘super’ marketing campaign and TV advert.

    The TV ad, created by the creative agency Creature London, includes a playpen full of wacky animated fruit being placed into a ‘Vitamiser’. Once inside, they are infused with vitamins and become smart and witty. This is to demonstrate the super squash as fun, refreshing and above all; healthy.

    Their new fruity marketing is a far cry from the much-loved ‘Tetley Gaffer’ and friends that we all know and love. However, by launching this new range, Tetley has stuck to what it does best; creating fun cartoon characters to promote their drinks. What’s not to like about a strawberry in a bow tie?

  2.  Budweiser – Tagwords Campaign

    Spotted by: Tillie Warder

    Budweiser has a strong and unique connection to music, and its latest campaign – aptly named ‘Tagwords’ – proves it.

    The drinks giant’s latest campaign, currently running in Brazil, showcases all of its iconic moments in music history.

    However, there’s one catch. Instead of using visuals, search optimisation or other forms of technology, Budweiser has aimed to drive attraction through the simple act of Googling.

    The campaign is made up of various cross-media forms, including a video, beer mats, and posters. All of which consist of a selection of keywords which, when Googled, show iconic music-related moments in the brand’s history.

    For example, searching ‘1965 poolside Florida Budweiser’ will show Mick Jagger sitting on a poolside chair, holding a can of Budweiser beer.

    ‘Tagwords’ has not only created an exciting marketing journey for Budweiser’s consumers, it’s also been picked up the Grand Prix in Print and Publishing at this year’s Cannes Lions.

    In a media landscape that’s rife with complex use of technologies, it’s great to see a campaign bringing back the power of simplicity. The result is a marketing piece that’s compelling, fun and, let’s face it – straight-up cool.

  3. LADBible and Plastic Oceans Trash Isles

    Spotted by: Tillie Warder

    LADBible has teamed up with Plastic Oceans to create what seems like a spoof video but is actually real and for a great cause. Together they have submitted a Declaration of Independence to the United Nations (UN) to seek recognition of the Trash Isles becoming an independent country.

    There’s a pile of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Hawaii, which is currently the size of France. So, LADBible, with the help of Plastic Oceans, has claimed the world’s first country made entirely of trash. This is all part of their initiative to raise awareness of the issue and work towards a more sustainable future.

    According to the UN’s Environmental Charters, by becoming an official country, other countries are obliged to clean it up. By establishing independence, they’d be taking responsibility for plastic pollution and the damage caused to the planet.

    You can join celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Dame Judi Dench and Gal Gadot by becoming a Trash Isles citizen and raise awareness for this important issue.

  4. Activista LGBTQ+ Fundraising Football Kit #SameTeamJersey

    Selection of Activista Pride football kits

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Next is a creative campaign that helps tackle one of the biggest issues in football; homophobia. LA-based agency Activista has commissioned creatives across the world to design six football shirts that incorporate the iconic Pride and LGBTQ+ flag. The shirts also feature an arm patch with the words ‘We Belong To The Same Team’ to reinforce the message of inclusivity and acceptance.

    All proceeds from this campaign will go to LGBTQ+ charities, such as the Russian LGBTQ+ Network and the United Nations’ Free and Equal campaign, which supports people in countries where lack of acceptance is still an issue.

  5. IKEA’s honourable reaction

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    In keeping with the football theme, it’s only right for us to include IKEA’s Twitter post congratulating the England team on their win to Sweden.

    This post features a picture of one of their hat stands with the a caption congratulating England and a promise of fish and chips for £1 the day after the match.

    If that’s not a gracious way to take the loss in their stride, we’re not sure what is!


  6. Apple Iphone X – ‘Memory’

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Apple has launched another very relatable TV ad. Only this time, the ad dramatises the very real struggle of trying to remember the different passwords we’ve created over the years.

    The ad depicts a high stakes game show where the contestant has to recall his banking password he set up earlier that morning. With the pressure mounting and gasps from the audience, it’s a struggle we are all too familiar with. However, with Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X, you’ll never have to remember a password again.

    With Apple’s Face ID, ‘Your Face is Your Password’. This advert brilliantly illustrates the need for this feature, easing the stress of modern life.


So there you have it, our favourite creative picks from the past month.

Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite campaign was from July, by tweeting us, dropping us a message on Facebook or contacting us directly.

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